Millie Bobby Brown just found out Stranger Things fans hate Mike Wheeler

18 July 2022, 12:40

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

"In America, people love Mike! Can somebody tell me why they don’t like Mike?"

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Millie Bobby Brown has just found out that some people hate Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things and her reaction is priceless.

Ever since Stranger Things first came out, Mike Wheeler has divided fans. Many viewers love Finn Wolfhard's character and his relationship with El and the rest of our Hawkins faves. However, other people aren't as fond of him. In recent seasons of the show, Mike has neglected his friendship with Will and has also been pretty clueless to Will's struggles with his sexuality.

It seems as though Millie Bobby Brown has never previously encountered fans who don't like Mike, though. During a recent Q&A at German Comic Con, Millie was shocked to learn that people hate Mike and she couldn't understand why they do.

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Millie Bobby Brown is shocked Stranger Things fans hate Mike Wheeler in hilarious video
Millie Bobby Brown is shocked Stranger Things fans hate Mike Wheeler in hilarious video. Picture: Netflix, Stranger Things Brasil

During the Q&A yesterday (Jul 17), a fan asked Millie: "What do you think about the relationship between Eleven and Mike? What's your opinion?" She then replied: "My opinion? I mean, do you like him?" and when the fan said: "No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry...but I like you." Millie reacted in surprise: "What? You don't like Mike? In Germany you guys don't like Mike?"

Many of the fans shouted: "No," in unison in response. Taking a moment to gather herself, Millie then explained: "You know in America, people love Mike." She then asked: "Can somebody tell me why they don't like Mike? What's wrong with him? He's not a good boyfriend, is that it?" The original fan then said: "He's not a good friend."

Understanding this, Millie said: "Oh he's not a good friend. There's not much I can say about that. Although Finn, he's a great friend. He's the bestest friend." When a fan said it was also bad that Mike wouldn't tell El he loves her, Millie said: "Oh yeah, what's wrong with that?! I was like bro, just say you love me."

Millie ended the segment by laughing and saying: "I'm shocked. I'm gonna call Finn and tell him not to come to Germany."

What do you think? Do you like Mike?

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