Stranger Things' Joe Keery reacts to the backlash towards his new haircut

8 October 2019, 14:30

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Joe Keery cut his Steve Harrington hair into a bowl cut after Stranger Things 3 aired.

Stranger Things star Joe Keery has explained his new haircut following backlash from fans of his Steve Harrington hair.

Stranger Things 3 was one of the most emotional seasons of Stranger Things yet. Over the course of eight episodes alone, we were confronted with sudden breakups (even the cast weren't happy about this), soul-destroying deaths (we're still crying over what happened) and soul-destroying letters ('three inches').

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However, it wasn't just the season which sent Stranger Things fans into meltdown. The internet lost it after Joe Keery cut off all of his Steve Harrington locks.

Yes, Joe has traded in his signature cut for bangs and now he's responded to the negative reaction to his hair.

Stranger Things' Joe Keery reacts to backlash after he cut off all his hair
Stranger Things' Joe Keery reacts to backlash after he cut off all his hair. Picture: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Twentieth Century Fox, Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

As soon as Joe got a new haircut, various memes and tweets of people paying tribute to his former locks went viral. One fan tweeted: "in memoriam: joe keery's immaculate hair [2015-2019]," while another wrote: "oh hell no who did this to joe keery I want them in jail right now."

While some people praised the haircut, the overwhelming response was not positive. People wanted the Steve Harrington look back.

Now Joe has fired back at the criticism. Speaking to ET, the interviewer asks him: "People are very attached to your haircut. Did you expect the reaction? You showed up with bangs on the red carpet and people were like, 'What happened to Steve Harrington's hair?' Is it coming back?"

Seemingly perplexed as to why people were so shocked, Steve says: "It's just a regular person getting a haircut."

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It may not be as long as it once was but Joe is already slicking back his hair again à la Steve so we imagine it won't be long until he's rocking his trademark look again.

What do you think of Joe's new haircut?