David Harbour drops Upside Down clues about Hopper in Stranger Things 4 on Instagram

30 September 2019, 17:31

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Ok so does this mean Hopper is actually in the Upside Down? Or is he being experimented on in Russia?

It's been a good 4 months since Stranger Things 3 dropped and we still haven't got any information about season 4 yet – and we're also no closer to finding out what the hell happened to Chief Jim Hopper in that final episode.

Shortly after the release of season 3, David Harbour starting dropping hints about Hopper's fate on Instagram. After changing his profile picture to list the digits of of Murray Bauman's phone number (which, when called, led us to a voicemail easter egg directed at Joyce), David is back at it again and is dropping even juicier hints about where Hop could possibly be.

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With the phone number out the way, he's now moved on to hinting at the Upside Down with a series of images referring back to Eleven's mum in Stranger Things 2 and new profile pictures referencing the famous Milgram psychological experiment.

After completing Murray's phone number, David uploaded an upside down picture of a sunflower from behind with the caption, "Looking at an object from behind and inverted can add a new dimension to it. This can work with anything, but most especially those objects you think you know well."

The next day, he uploaded a picture of a rainbow with the caption, "Refraction of light through water moisture in the air can produce a rainbow. Inherent in white light are all colors. Objects are endowed with properties of color due to the spectrums of light that they reflect. Absorbing all others. A pale stuffed yellow lion toy will reflect a wavelength interval of around 575nm."

Fans immediately recognised those two objects as two of the words that Eleven's mum Terry kept chanting in season 2: "Sunflower. Rainbow. Three to the right, four to the left. 450." The pale stuffed yellow lion is also a reference to the toy that Eleven had in her room at the lab. Hopper also sees the toy while he's in the Upside Down trying to find Will.

It's also worth noting that when you invert Murray's phone number and use it as a longitudinal coordinate, you'll end up in Kamchatka, Russia. Exactly where the American prisoner is being held.

Then he posted this picture of an upside down, inverted shark which technically doesn't have anything to do with Stranger Things (there's no beaches in Hawkins) but "highly evolved apex predator" that's "been around for hundreds of millions of years"? Sounds like the Demogorgon to moi.

David has also changed his profile picture to a picture of various images of the Milgram experiment, a famous psychological trial. The experiment was carried out to see just how easily ordinary people could be influenced by authority into doing something that would harm another human. The task saw the 'teacher' give the 'learner' an electric shock that would go up in intensity every time the 'learner' answered a question wrong.

So what exactly is David Harbour hinting at? What does it all mean, sir?! All the clues seem to hint that Hopper could be in either the Upside Down or in the Russian jail cell so that's no help.

But could the use of Terry's chanting be the key to figuring out his whereabouts? We know that Terry can communicate via the void, just like Eleven, so could she perhaps be able to sense where he is? If Eleven doesn't have her powers, could her mother help?

Whatever it is, let's all hope and pray that he's not the one getting electrocuted. @The Duffer Brothers, please don't do this x