Fans think Millie Bobby Brown's selfie with David Harbour confirms Hopper is alive on Stranger Things

15 August 2019, 14:16

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

David Harbour's beard definitely looks like the kind of beard an American prisoner in Russia would have, doesn't it?

Look... sorry to keep bringing this up but Millie Bobby Brown has just posted two pictures of her and David Harbour on Instagram that may or may not confirm that Chief Hopper is still alive in Stranger Things.

Co-stars Millie and David are both in the UK filming their respective projects (Enola Holmes Diaries and Black Widow) at the mo and the two met up to hang out together earlier this month. Millie shared two pics to IG with the caption "daddy daughter date" of her and David together.

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But once the screaming and the tears from crying over Hop and El's reunion had subsided, everyone turned their attention to David's beard which has got considerably larger since the last time we saw him at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Of course, given what happens to Hopper at the end of Stranger Things 3, it has now added fuel to the already raging conspiracy fire surrounding Hopper's fate and whether or not he is the American prisoner in the Russian jail cell.

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daddy daughter date 🖤☁️

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With Stranger Things 4 reportedly scheduled to start filming in October 2019, it seems like perfect timing for that outstanding growth to coincide with the much anticipated reveal of Hopper alive and not doing well in a Russian prison cell, right? Or maybe even Hopper alive and ummm, not doing well in the Upside Down?

But despite what we're all thinking and hoping, it looks like his facial hair is for another project...for now. Since filming wrapped on Stranger Things 3 in November 2018, David has been slowly growing the fuller beard and longer hair ahead of filming for his role as Alexei/The Red Guardian in Black Widow, which started in May and is currently still shooting.

Fans are also making the observation about just how conveniently long his beard is getting and it's certainly one to add to the Jim Hopper conspiracy file. Someone get Murray Bauman on the phone nowwwwwww.

The jury is still out on whether or not the facial hair will end up sticking around for Hopper (we're just assuming he's still alive at this point, alright?) so in the meantime, let's all form a prayer circle in the name of David Harbour's glorious beard.

P.S. We're all gonna look like clowns after he shaves it all off when the clock strikes midnight on the first day of filming for season 4, aren't we?