Stranger Things fans are convinced Eddie’s tattoos foreshadow his season 5 return

22 July 2022, 20:28

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

All of Eddie's tattoos connect him to Vecna – and they foreshadowed his death. Here's how fans think they play into the Eddie/Kas the Bloody Handed theory.

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As fans settle in for a looong two-year wait for Stranger Things 5 to hit their screens, the theories about what might happen next are starting to get wild... and wildly convincing.

By now, you'll have probably heard all about the complex theory suggesting Eddie Munson, who died and is officially dead, could somehow return in a resurrection-type plot twist inspired by Kas, Vecna's right-hand man from Dungeons & Dragons.

If you haven't checked that one out yet, you can read all about it right here. Basically, the Eddie/Kas theory stems from the Hellfire Club campaign scene that appeared to foreshadow the events of season 4. Fans have theorised that Vecna will resurrect Eddie's dead body (which we assume was left in the Upside Down), and use him as a puppet, or as his right-hand man.

There's already loads of suspiciously convincing easter eggs that fans believe back up their theory, and now they think they've unearthed another piece of evidence thanks to Eddie's tattoos. Some of them certainly foreshadow his death, but could they also foreshadow his potential season 5 fate? Maybe, maybe not... Here's what everyone is theorising.

Will Eddie Munson come back in Stranger Things 5?

Stranger Things makeup artist Amy L Forsythe shared a few photos Eddie's tattoos and the designs that were created especially for him by artist Jeremy Sutton.

Fans had already caught glimpses of his bat tattoo and his Puppetmaster ink in the show, pointing out that they both foreshadow his death and his iconic 'Master of Puppets' guitar solo.

As well as foreshadowing his fate, fans have theorised that the bats, which are linked to vampires, could also hint at him becoming Kas (who is a vampire). Similarly, the Puppetmaster tattoo could hint at the theory that Eddie's dead body will somehow end up being controlled by Vecna, the true master of puppets.

His other three tattoos also appear to link him even further to Vecna and the Kas theory.

Eddie also has three other tattoos: An image of a Wyvern, which is a type of dragon from D&D, a demon's head, and a Black Widow spider.

The Black Widow spider is also the exact same spider that a young Henry/001/Vecna became fascinated with and kept as pets, and what ultimately inspired the shape of the Mind Flayer. And the un-dead demon head? Fans are suggesting that it could hint at his theorised resurrection in season 5.

Taking to the comments in each of Amy's posts, fans are in an absolute shambles. "These tattoos are only increasing my madness over the theories about Eddie returning as Kas the Bloody Handed," one fan wrote, while another added: "You mean to tell me he has bats and spiders all over him yet he had no connection to the upside down."

A third fan simply commented: "If this isn't backing up the Kas theory idk what will."

What do you think? Is there any weight to the Eddie/Kas theory? Is it all just wishful thinking? Are all those literally perfect details and connections all just... mere coincidences?

We've got around a 2-year wait until we find out what's set to happen in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things. If you need us in the meantime, we will be polishing our clown shoes.

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