There's A Stranger Things Theory Which Connects The Characters Who Have Died

13 September 2019, 12:51

One Stranger Things theory links the characters who have died
One Stranger Things theory links the characters who have died. Picture: Netflix

One Stranger Things theory links all of the main characters who have died over the seasons.

Stranger Things has seen the deaths of a number of much-loved characters throughout series one to three, and there’s a link between each one of them.

After watching series three in July this year, Netflix fans noticed everyone who’s ever died on the show has a name beginning with the letter 'b'.

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Billy – played by Dacre Montgomery – was the latest character to die, after he sacrificed his life for his sister Max and her friends when Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) helped him break free of the Mind Flayer’s control by reminding him of childhood memories of his mother.

In season two it was Bob, Will’s mum Joyce’s adorable boyfriend, who lost his life when he was attacked by a Demodog. And in season three it was Barb and Benny who died.

Barb was Nancy’s best friend in high school who only starred in the first two episodes after she was taken and killed in the Upside Down, while Benny was the kind-hearted chef who helped Eleven when he found her stealing food from his diner but sadly lost his life when, after calling social services, was killed by Eleven’s captors.

Scientist Brenner who ‘raised’ Eleven in Hawkins Lab was also presumed to be dead in season one when he was attacked by a demogorgon, but his fate is unknown following rumours from his co-workers he was still alive.

Journalist Bruce Lowe also fell victim to the Mind Flayer and was killed by Nancy when she and Jonathan are confronted by him in the hospital.

The ‘B’ theory might also prove that Hopper is still alive, after his future remained uncertain when he was seemingly caught up in the explosion when the machine opening the Upside Down was blown up at the end of season three.

Scientist Brenner's fate is unknown, but he's presumed to be dead
Scientist Brenner's fate is unknown, but he's presumed to be dead. Picture: Netflix

However, in a post-credits scene in which Russian officers refer to a prisoner as “the American”, fans are holding out hope that it means Hopper is still alive.

There are a number of theories predicting what might happen in the next series, but in regards to who could lose their life next the only character remaining with a name beginning with ‘b’ is Becky Ives, who has so far only had a small role on the show.

Becky is the sister and supporter of Eleven’s biological mother Terry, who was involved with MKUltra – a project with the goal of developing mind control techniques. Terry was given ECT which left her unable to communicate when she returned to Hawkins Lab to try and get her daughter back, after Brenner told her she had miscarried so he could conduct experiments on Eleven, whose birth name is Jane.

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