Stranger Things fans are going feral over Steve Harrington and the thirst is out of control

31 May 2022, 11:25

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Feminism leaves my body the moment I see Steve Harrington I'm sooo serious."

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Do y'all have a moment to talk about Steve Harrington for a sec? Stranger Things 4 sees the return of our favourite Hawkins Himbo – and fans are sweating over his latest escapades.

Played effortlessly by the talented Joe Keery, Steve Harrington has undeniably had one of the best characters arcs in the entire show. He's gone from Douchey Rich Boy™ to Mom of the Year™ to True American Hero™ to thee undisputed King of Hawkins™.

Steve has been perched near the top of the official 'Hottest Guys In Hawkins' ranking for several seasons, but something about Steve in season 4 has truly sent fans over the edge. They are feral. They are screaming, crying and throwing up. They simply cannot cope with the sheer excellence of Steve 'The Hair' Harrington in the most recent episodes.

If you never saw it for Steve now, you will. Trust me. Steve? At the start of episode 7? A true American heartthrob. And the thirst tweets prove it.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 4 Vol 1! If you haven't finished episode 7 yet, bookmark this page and come back to thirst over Steve later.

Steve Harrington, we are thirsting respectfully
Steve Harrington, we are thirsting respectfully. Picture: Netflix

If you are not Steve Harrington, keep walking x

Max was so real for this.

Steve killing that Demobat with his bare hands? While shirtless and with no shoes on? KING.

Shirtless Steve this, shirtless Steve that... Steve in a cute little yellow sweater? INJECT IT!

I know several people who will volunteer as tribute.

Steve Harrington, we are looking respectfully. Please don't die in Volume 2. Thanks.

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