Jamie Campbell Bower apologises to Joseph Quinn for killing Eddie in Stranger Things 4

12 July 2022, 16:33

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Vecna may not be sorry for killing Eddie Munson but Jamie Campbell Bower is.

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Stranger Things legend Jamie Campbell Bower knows we're all heartbroken over Eddie Munson's death and he's sorry for it.

Stranger Things 4 has introduced us to multiple new iconic characters and it's safe to say that the entire fandom has fallen in love with Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays terrifying supervillain Vecna, and Joseph Quinn, who plays misunderstood king Eddie Munson. Even if Vecna is responsible for Eddie's death, Jamie is too loveable irl for viewers to hold it against him.

However, Jamie feels bad about it and he's now filmed a hilarious video in which he apologises to Joseph Quinn and fans.

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Stranger Things 4: Jamie Campbell Bower apologises to Joseph Quinn for killing Eddie
Stranger Things 4: Jamie Campbell Bower apologises to Joseph Quinn for killing Eddie. Picture: Netflix

Yesterday (Jul 11), the official Netflix account shared the video. Dressed in black, Jamie lowkey imitates a YouTube apology. Direct to camera, he says: "Hello, everyone. My name is Jamie Campbell Bower. And today I'm here to apologise. I know a lot of people are mad at me but my apology isn't just for you it's for the main victim in all of this: Joseph."

Joseph then appears on screen and Jamie places his hand reassuringly on Joseph's shoulder, and says: "Look things got really complicated." However, Joseph acts upset and claps back: "Don't touch me." Jamie then replies: "Ok... things got really complicated at the end of the season, and I did some things I regret."

Joseph asks Jamie: "Like what?" and Jamie answers: "Well, I took your life, so I'm really sorry about that. That felt awful." Joseph actually recently told EW that he "cried his eyes out" after filming ended and he couldn't get the Stranger Things writers to keep Eddie alive.

Continuing, Jamie states: "I also want to apologise for Chrissy as well and, if you wouldn't mind, I have a gift for you." He then unveils a huge flower display and adds: "I hope you can accept my apology and if there's anything else I can do to make it up to you."

Cheerfully, Joseph says: "Nah, I love 'em. It's all good mate," and runs off with the flowers.

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Jamie Campbell Bower apologises for killing Eddie in promo

The video then ends with Jamie saying: "Thank you, Joseph. You're a sweet, sweet boy. And I'm sorry to everyone again, I'll go home and I really will think about what I've done. Thank you, Goodbye."

While it's true that we'll never forgive Vecna for what he did to Eddie, I think we can ALL agree that we forgive Jamie.

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