Does Eddie die in Stranger Things 4? Here's what happens to him in Volume 2

4 July 2022, 10:59

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Will Eddie Munson be in Stranger Things 5? Fans are losing it over Joseph Quinn's storyline in Stranger Things 4, Volume 2.

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The wait is over, nerds. Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 is out and we now know what happens to our new fave Eddie Munson.

Ever since Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 dropped on Netflix in May, fans have been terrified as to who might die in Volume 2. First of all, Steve's heroic antics led viewers to wonder if season 4 would be his last, then Max's narrow escape from Vecna led people to wonder if she was really safe, and, on top of that, there were theories that Will would get caught by Vecna.

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Among all the predictions, some fans guessed that Eddie Munson wouldn't survive the final two episodes of Volume 2. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about Eddie's Volume 2 storyline and if Joseph Quinn will be in season 5.

What happens to Eddie in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?

Does Eddie die in Stranger Things 4? Here's what happens to him in Volume 2
Does Eddie die in Stranger Things 4? Here's what happens to him in Volume 2. Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Eddie's storyline.

Do not scroll ahead if you have not watched Volume 2! Save this page and come back to it.

WARNING: Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead! Picture: Netflix

Does Eddie die in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?

We regret to inform you that our misunderstood king Eddie is no longer with us. In Volume 2, Eddie and Dustin work together as a decoy in the Upside Down to distract the demobats while Steve, Nancy and Robin sneak into the Creel House. Eddie literally beckons the demobats to him from his trailer by playing Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' live on the guitar.

The demobats quickly swarm towards the trailer park. Eddie and Dustin then race into Eddie's trailer hoping to escape them. However, the demobats work their way into the trailer. As a result, Eddie helps Dustin escape through the gate to Hawkins in the trailer but, instead of joining Dustin, Eddie decides to stay and keep fighting off the demobats.

Eddie then severs the bedsheet path leading to Hawkins so that Dustin can't return. He grabs his bike and cycles away from the gate taunting the demobats to give everyone else more time to stop Vecna. However, a bat knocks him off his bike and, while he's battling them off, they pin him to the ground and start biting into his body.

Will Joseph Quinn be in Stranger Things 5?

Will Joseph Quinn be in Stranger Things 5?
Will Joseph Quinn be in Stranger Things 5? Picture: Netflix

Meanwhile, Dustin finds a way back through the gate to help Eddie. When he arrives, the bats have died but it's too late. He finds Eddie bleeding to death. Cradling Eddie in his arms, Dustin tries to take Eddie to a hospital but Eddie stops him. He says, "I didn't run away this time, right?" before dying, leaving Dustin sobbing uncontrollably.

To make matters even worse, when the rest of our faves manage to put a temporary stop to Vecna's antics, Eddie and the Hellfire Club are still blamed for causing all the deaths in Hawkins. Eddie dies a hero but he's remembered as a villain.

Naturally, everyone is distraught. One person tweeted: "hawkins can rot they didnt deserve eddie’s sacrifice". Another added: "NOT EDDIE DYING FOR THE TOWN THAT PAINTED HIM AS A SICK KILLER".

Based on his death, it seems unlikely that Joseph Quinn will be back as Eddie at all in the final Stranger Things season. That being said, Eddie could appear in a flashback or a vision just like Billy (Dacre Montgomery) did this season. We will keep you posted with any updates.

Honestly, adding Eddie to one season hall of fame alongside Barb, Bob and Alexei should be illegal. The Duffer brothers, you will be hearing from my lawyers!

What do you think? Were you shocked by Eddie's death?

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