Stranger Things 4: Is Eddie 010? The viral theory explained

15 June 2022, 20:35

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Is Eddie Munson actually 010? Theory about Stranger Things 4's Eddie being one of Brenner's lab kids goes viral.

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It's been almost three weeks since Stranger Things 4 dropped and completely turned our worlds...upside down. Theories have been coming in thick and fast, with fans dissecting every (!) single (!) plot (!) point (!) that the new season has given us.

From Steve dying to Will and Lucas getting Vecna'd and Eleven possibly losing against this season's big bad, fans can't stop thinking about what might happen and what might get revealed in Volume 2 when it drops on July 1st.

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One theory in particular has gone massively viral over on TikTok and Reddit, and it involves everyone's favourite Hellfire Club King Eddie Munson, and 010 (Ten), one of the Hawkins lab kids. The theory? Some fans believe that Eddie is actually 010.

Is Eddie 010? The theory explained... and debunked?

Stranger Things 4: The Eddie/010 theory explained
Stranger Things 4: The Eddie/010 theory explained. Picture: Netflix

One TikTok video theorising that Eddie is 010 has amassed over 8.7 million views and 1.2 million likes on the platform. Another one has racked up 6.2 million views, and thousands and thousands of comments.

Both videos discuss a handful of details about Eddie that all point to the theory that the character was previously a test subject at Hawkins lab.

The first? Eddie mentions that he once had "buzzed hair," which, of course, is the standard hairstyle for Brenner's lab kids. Second, people are suggesting that the watch he wears on his left wrist could cover up his possible '010' tattoo.

Next: While the opening scene doesn't actually show any of the kids' eyes exploded, we do see the blood tracks on their faces. The theory argues that because 010's face is obscured and is never actually shown in full on screen, he may have actually survived in the room with Brenner.

Another point in the theory argues that Eddie wasn't particularly shocked when Steve told him about Eleven and her powers. Others have simply suggested that 010 bares a resemblance to Eddie.

But, as wild as this would be if was to come true, fans have already been debunking the theory in the comments. Here's why people think Eddie couldn't possibly be 010...

Fans have pointed out that the timeline doesn't quite match up: Eddie is around 19-20 years old in 1986, as he explains that he's retaken his senior year a couple of times before. The Hawkins lab massacre occurred in 1979, which would make Eddie around 12/13 years old when 001/Henry Creel went rogue.

Despite the detail about him having a buzzcut as a kid, Eddie knew Chrissy in middle school. Based on his age, Eddie would have likely been in middle school when the massacre occurred at the lab. If he had lived through the attack and subsequent trauma, he likely wouldn't have been able to be integrated back into normal life that quickly. Nor would he have been able to completely bury those memories of the massacre in that short time frame.

As for the tattoo? Shortly after reuniting with Nancy, Steve, Robin, Dustin, Max and Lucas at Skull Rock, Eddie removes his watch and gives it to Nancy. While the camera doesn't show his wrist, someone in the group would have surely noticed that familiar tattoo and said something, right?

The real nail in the theory coffin, though? Eddie and 010 have a completely different eye colour... Eddie has brown eyes, 010 appears to have blue eyes.

Stranger Things 4: Eddie Munson theory goes viral
Stranger Things 4: Eddie Munson theory goes viral. Picture: Netflix

As it stands, the only two children (that we know of) to have survived Hawkins Lab and 001's massacre are Eleven and Eight (Kali). It would definitely be an absolute gag if 010 was still alive, but it's probably unlikely to be revealed that he is Eddie.

What do you think of the theory?

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