The first Stranger Things 3 trailer just dropped and it's terrifying

20 March 2019, 13:14

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Stranger Things 3 features a HUGE new monster and it's the scariest one yet.

IT'S HERE! The first trailer for Stranger Things 3 has just dropped and we can now officially confirm that it's going to be the best season yet.

The third season of the Netflix show is set to drop on July 4th and judging by this brand new trailer, it looks like it's going to be even more fun, even more dramatic and even more terrifying than the first two seasons combined. We've already seen clips of Steve and new character Robin at work at new ice cream store 'Scoops Ahoy' and we've already been treated to a sneak peak with hidden details when the date was announced but now, we've got a whole trailer and um... I'm shook.

Here's what happens in the trailer for Stranger Things 3:

Stranger Things 3 trailer
Stranger Things 3 trailer. Picture: Netflix

The trailer opens with Dustin returning home from camp, as the other kids - including Eleven who can now use her powers casually in day to day life (c'mon Matilda!) - surprise him with a welcome committee.

Nancy and Jonathan find themselves stressed at The Hawkins Post. Billy is a lifeguard at the local pool. Hopper is out on a date. Joyce is eating at home alone. Mike and Will are stressed because they're not kids anymore. Max and Eleven are best friends. Steve and Dustin are also best friends. There's a villain inside a mirror maze. Eleven finds herself alone on a beach.

Billy takes a shower and it looks like he gets infected. The mall has officially opened and it looks SICK. There's a weird electric explosion. Lucas' sister channels Bruce Willis in Die Hard by channelling through the tunnels even though Die Hard came out in 1988 and this is set in 1985. WHATEVER.

Eleven has a moment in the mall surrounded by broken glass. There's a new mayor that everyone hates. RATS! Nancy and Jonathan get caught in a corridor with a demogorgon. THERE'S A FASHION MONTAGE!!! Someone injects Steve with something. Billy and Mrs Wheeler are still a thing. Hopper has a gun and then he's dragging Joyce away from something dangerous. Mike and Eleven have a smooch. Will is continuously wet?! WHY IS WILL ALWAYS DRENCHED IN WATER?!


Stranger Things 3 arrives on Netflix on July 4th 2019.