Robin's shoes in Stranger Things 3 hinted at her sexuality and you 100% missed it

19 July 2019, 18:10

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"She took them home and drew on them". Stranger Things costume designer Amy Parris revealed how Maya Hawke personalised Robin's red converse.

Stranger Things 3 brought the laughs, the tears and, most importantly, the pithy one-liners from Erica and Robin. Maya Hawke, who plays Robin Buckley, aka Steve's Scoops Ahoy co-worker, was a delight to watch on screen. Now, the show's costume designer, Amy Parris, has revealed that Maya put her own stamp on Robin's style and it even hinted at a huge part of her character development.

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Warning: Plot spoiler for Stranger Things 3 ahead.


For the majority of the season, Robin wears a red, white and blue Scoops Ahoy uniform that, unfortunately, doesn't showcase what we're sure is her kickass personal style

Costume designer Amy Parris did reveal, however, that Robin actually wore a super personalised pair of shoes that 'subtly infused' a hint about the character's sexuality.

In an episode of the Behind The Scenes: Stranger Things 3 podcast, Amy said that Maya was allowed to draw on the red converse that she wore throughout the season.

"You know, Steve is in blue shoes so I thought it would be nice to put her in red and tried a few different options and we settled on a Converse," Amy explained.

"She's like, 'yeah, can I draw on them?' And I was like, 'will you please draw on them?' And so she took them home and drew on them and when she came back to work, she had written the word boobs and drew breasts and, you know, had a lot of squiggles and I just thought, okay that's clever and fun, cool."

"And then later on, when we find out about her character, it made a little bit more sense. But I didn't know the development of her as a character. So I like that she sort of infused that in quietly and it's there, subtly."

Robin Stranger Things shoes converse
Robin Stranger Things shoes converse. Picture: Netflix/Stranger Things

Toward the end of the season, Steve and Robin have a heart to heart in the bathroom and Robin reveals she has a crush on Tammy Thompson.

Steve awkwardly and unhelpfully points out that "Tammy is a girl" before it dawns on him that that Robin is, in fact, gay. Just when it seems like he might be freaked out about the confession, Steve ribs Robin about her crush and they have a light hearted laugh about Tammy's singing abilities (or lack thereof).

We may not see much of Robin's converse in the series but they're there, they say boobies on them, and that''s all that matters.

What do you guys think? What was your favourite fashion moment from season 3?