Is Jim Hopper still alive? An Easter egg from season 1 could hint at his survival

5 July 2019, 18:14

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Could Hopper be alive on Stranger Things? The Stranger Things soundtrack could hold a clue to Jim Hopper's survival.

Stranger Things 3 dropped this week and fans have been on an emotional roller coaster since its July 4 premiere. Eleven and the gang are back in action but it wouldn't be Stranger Things without some big emotional moments. You probably teared up when Eleven was reading Hopper's speech after his "death", but a potential easter egg in the Stranger Things 3 soundtrack may be the biggest hint yet that Hopper is, indeed, alive.

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Is Hopper really dead? An Easter from season 1 could hint at his survival

Hopper Stranger Things 3
Hopper Stranger Things 3. Picture: Netflix

As spotted by Cosmopolitan and Us Weekly, the song that plays when Eleven is reading the emotional speech from Hopper is a familiar one. "Heroes" by Peter Gabriel has actually been used on Stranger Things before and the scene will have you thinking twice about Hopper being "dead".

In season 1 episode 3, the "body" of Will Byers is pulled out of the lake in a very emotional scene. A cover of "Heroes" plays softly in the background as the guys watch Will's lifeless body being pulled onto a stretcher. It's a sad and heart-wrenching scene, only, we now know that Will never died and the body was just a fake.

Fast forward to season 3 and, whadya know, "Heroes" by Peter Gabriel is BACK on the soundtrack in another scene where we're being led to believe a key character has died. When Eleven is reading the speech written by Hopper, "Heroes" plays once more, adding an extra layer of emotion to the scene.

It could be a coincidence or it could be a nudge and a wink from the Duffer Brothers to keep hope alive. We're choosing to believe the latter, for now.

You Don't Mess Around With Jim - Stranger Things
You Don't Mess Around With Jim - Stranger Things. Picture: Netflix/Screen

We know that certain songs in Stranger Things can be tied to certain characters or themes. For example, in season 2, Hopper dancing became a huge meme. He danced to Jim Croce's “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”, a song which also turns up on this season's soundtrack in episode 2 when Hopper is feeling lighthearted after successfully keeping Eleven and Mike apart.

Meanwhile, the other huge hint that Hopper is almost certainly still alive is the not-so-subtle mention of the American prisoner in episode 8's post credits scene.

In conclusion, we'll see you next season, Hopper. Stay safe in that weird Russian jail.

H/T: Cosmopolitan

What do you guys think? Is Hopper alive or dead in Stranger Things?