Who plays Heather in Stranger Things 3? Francesca Reale initially auditioned to play Robin

12 July 2019, 17:19

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Francesca Reale almost played Maya Hawke's now iconic role in Stranger Things 3 instead of lifeguard Heather.

Heather has a huge role in Stranger Things 3 but if it weren't for Francesca Reale's first failed audition, a different actress might have played her.

Stranger Things 3 introduced multiple iconic new characters to the franchise. Robin is, well... I don't know a better person and Alexei is (well was, RIP our sweet prince) the sweetest human being to ever exist. Then, in and amongst them, was Heather and we couldn't get enough of the lifeguard turned vessel for the Mind Flayer monster.

However, Francesca Reale originally auditioned to star as Robin (now played by Maya Hawke) in Stranger Things 3 instead of our poolside queen Heather.

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Who plays Heather in Stranger Things 3? Francesca Really auditioned to play Maya Hawke's role Robin
Who plays Heather in Stranger Things 3? Francesca Reale auditioned to play Maya Hawke's role Robin. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to Vogue Australia, Francesca revealed: "I had auditioned for the role that Maya Hawke actually ended up getting cast in. I had one audition and I don’t think it was that good. And then I got another audition for Heather, and all they said was: “Heather, recurring, popular lifeguard at community pool that’s tied up in a mystery.”

She then explained that she had to recreate Drew Barrymore's iconic Scream scene to get the part.

Amazing. We have no doubt that Francesca would have played Robin perfectly but we're so happy that we get to see both her and Maya in Stranger Things 3. Better yet, Francesca is already working on a brand new project with some very familiar faces. She will star alongside Natalia Dyer (Nancy) and Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why) in a coming of age film called Yes, God Yes, later this year.

YES, GOD, YES Trailer 2 (2020)

Before Stranger Things, Francesca starred in the Miranda Sings Netflix series Hater Back Off as Emily.

We can't wait to see Yes, God, Yes and whatever Francesca does next.

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