Here's where to buy Eleven's romper from Stranger Things 3

8 July 2019, 12:40

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Remember Eleven's multicolour '80s romper outfit in season 3? Here's where you can buy it online.

Stranger Things 3 gave us many things. It gave us fun, it gave us drama, it gave us the Scoops Troop, it gave us Jopper (kind of), it gave us new friendships, it gave us an iconic soundtrack and it gave us some phenomenal performances but nothing snapped harder this season than the costume department.

We've already located where to buy Eleven's yellow printed shirt that she wears for the last few episodes. (That one is from Levi's Stranger Things clothing line and will set you back around £55. They also sell the matching jeans if you wanna go full Battle of Starcourt cosplay.)

If you're looking for Dustin's Camp Know Where t-shirt and cap, you can find those at Hot Topic. If you're looking for Hopper's pastel print shirt... we've got nothing for ya - the internet is still scrambling to find an exact copy of that lewk.

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But the one piece of Stranger Things 3 fashion we're all dying to get our hands on is Eleven's multicoloured romper that she wears in episode 2 and 3 - and here's where you can actually buy it.

Where to buy Eleven's multicolour romper in Stranger Things 3?
Where to buy Eleven's multicolour romper in Stranger Things 3? Picture: Netflix

After seasons of wearing nothing but hospital gowns, oversized tees, old plaid shirts and rolled up jeans, Max comes to Eleven's rescue to help her find her true personal style. In episode 2, Max brings El (who is not supposed to leave the house) to Starcourt Mall to buy a whole new wardrobe (with money that they absolutely do not have). El hits up The Gap and various other stores and buys at least 3 new outfits - one of them being that iconic romper.

The good news? You can buy the actual romper, with the actual print pattern, online and in store at Target. The bad news? It's sold out online.

If you manage to get your hands on it, the romper will cost you $27.99 and is available in sizes from XS all the way to XXL.

You can buy Eleven's printed romper at Target
You can buy Eleven's printed romper at Target. Picture: Target

If you're not of the romper persuasion, the always trusty Hot Topic is selling a shirt version of the lewk with the exact same print pattern and colours in their Stranger Things clothing collection.

The 'STRANGER THINGS ELEVEN GIRLS WOVEN BUTTON-UP TOP' is available in an XS all the way up to a 3X and will cost you $34.90. Throw on the shirt with a pair of light wash '80s inspired mom jean shorts or a denim skirt and you're all set.

You can buy a shirt version of Eleven's jumpsuit at Hot Topic
You can buy a shirt version of Eleven's jumpsuit at Hot Topic. Picture: Hot Topic

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