Does Billy die in Stranger Things 3? Here's what the Mind Flayer actually does to him

4 July 2019, 14:19

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) takes centre stage in Strangers Things season 3 and faces a huge and catastrophic event.

Stranger Things 3 is finally here and it's already taking over the internet and our lives. In the new season, Hawkins newcomer and season 2 villain-lite Billy Hargrove takes centre stage and find himself in the middle of a very dangerous situation.

Ever since Dacre Montgomery joined the cast of Stranger Things in season 2, we've low-key been obsessed with him. Billy may be a bully and initially horrible to his step-sister Max but Dacre's performance is nothing short of brilliant - especially in season 3.

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In Stranger Things 3, Billy takes on an even more significant role, seeing himself not only at the forefront of Mrs Wheeler's affections, but also, the Mind Flayer. You know, that terrifying shadow figure that loomed over the town at the end of season 2.

The situation with Billy gets so dark, that viewers are scared that Billy doesn't make it out alive. So, what happens to him? Here's what you need to know...


Does Billy die in Stranger Things?
Does Billy die in Stranger Things? Picture: Netflix

You may think that Billy dies in the first episode of Stranger Things 3 ('Chapter 1: Suzie, Do You Copy?') but here's what really happens to him.

It all starts with Billy being a lifeguard at Hawkins Community Pool. Mrs Wheeler (Karen) flirts with him and Billy asks her if he can give her "swimming lessons" at the Motel 6 pool. Karen accepts. However, driving to their rendez-vous, Billy hits an Upside Down creature with his car and all hell breaks loose.

Getting out of his broken-down car, Billy heads into the abandoned building next to him: Brimborn Steel Works. However, he is then dragged into a basement by a mysterious force, where we've witnessed rats gathering earlier in the episode. In 'Chapter Two: The Mall Rats', it looks like Billy escapes but he has a vision of himself in the Upside Down being approached by an identical version of himself and a shadowy group of people.

Later it becomes clear Billy is alive andis being used as a host by the Mind Flayer. In spite of his best attempts, he's unable to stop it. When it takes over his body completely, he attacks Heather, a fellow lifeguard, and brings her to Brimborn so that the Mind Flayer can possess her as well. He then does this to Heather's parents and multiple other Hawkins citizens, essentially building an army for the Mind Flayer called The Flayed.

Is Billy dead in Stranger Things 3?


At the end of the series, when the party are all trying to kill the Mind Flayer monster in the Battle of Starcourt, Billy tries to stop them. Unable to use her powers, Eleven manages to prevent Billy from hurting her by reminding him of a childhood memory of his mother. This helps Billy overcome the Mind Flayer monster. He then sacrifices himself to the monster to protect Eleven and is killed.

Mere moments later, Joyce closes the gate and the monster collapses dead. If Joyce had been able to shut the gate a few seconds sooner, Billy might have still been alive and no longer possessed. However, Stranger Things likes to ruin us, so Billy is no more. The villain became a hero in death.

BRB crying from now until eternity.

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