Queer Eye Season 4: Episodes, Location & Cast As Jonathan, Tan, Antoni, Bobby And Karamo Return To Netflix

22 July 2019, 12:30 | Updated: 22 July 2019, 12:51

Queer Eye returned on 19 July for its fourth season, so where did the Fab Five head this time?

Netflix's Queer Eye is back for its fourth series to air and we finally have Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Jonathan Van Ness back on our TV screens.

We already knew from the trailer it would be another rollercoaster journey of emotions, and the Fab Five have proved us right.

After we got a little glimpse of them in their iconic cameo in Taylor Swift's music video for 'You Need To Calm Down' we're really excited to have them back in our lives.

Here's everything you need to know about the new series...

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Queer Eye is back for its fourth series
Queer Eye is back for its fourth series. Picture: Getty Images

Where is series four located?

It looks like the Fab Five aren't quite finished making Kansas City fabulous, so will be returning to the deep south to makever eight new heroes.

Fans were speculating it was going to be set in Philadelphia, but this is actually where series 5, (yes, there's a whole lot more QE on the way) was set, so the boys have stayed put for the time being.

How many episodes are there?

There are eight episodes in series four of Queer Eye, each 45-minutes long.

The first episode sees the lifestyle gurus visit Jonathan’s high school in Illinois to make-over the orchestra teacher, Mrs Kathi Dooley.

The remaining episodes however are in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here is the full list of episode titles:

- Without Further Ado

- Disabled but Not Really

- Stoner Skates By

- How Wanda Got Her Groove Back

- On Golden Kenny

- A Tale of Two Cultures

- Soldier Returns Home

- Farm to Able

When did the fourth series land on Netflix?

We had to wait a whole year to get the next series, but finally got the entirety of series four on 19 July, 2019.

Every episode dropped at once, so the entire season is available to binge-watch now.

Queer Eye is back for season four
Queer Eye is back for season four. Picture: Getty

When will we see what they were filming in Japan?

Oh, we're so glad you asked! As if a whole new series wasn't enough, there's a Japan 'mini-series' coming at some point this year, much like their one off special in Yass, Australia, for the sole purpose of it being one of their favourite words. Iconic.

They've described the mini-series as: "Bring[ing] their message of self-care and compassion to four Japanese men and women while exploring the country’s rich culture and cuisine."

The Fab Five had everyone asking questions about the special season after sharing numerous photos of each other in Tokyo.

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