Here's What Happens To Ruby And James In The Maxton Hall Books

15 May 2024, 16:25 | Updated: 23 May 2024, 14:18

Maxton Hall Books: Do Ruby And James End Up Together?
Maxton Hall Books: Do Ruby And James End Up Together? Picture: Prime Video
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The first season of Maxton Hall is based on Save Me by Mona Kasten but there are still two more books in the franchise.

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Want to know what happens after Maxton Hall season 1? Well, the books reveal if Ruby and James actually end up together.

If you've watched Maxton Hall - A World Between Us on Prime, you will already know that it is based on a best-selling trilogy of German books by Mona Kasten. Just like Maxton Hall, Save Me, Save You and Save Us tell the gripping fictional story of the will-they-won't-they romance between aspiring Oxford student Ruby Bell and arrogant rich boy James Beaufort.

The first season is a loyal adaptation of the first book but how does the trilogy end? Well, we've read the books and can let you know what happens. Below is a full summary of the second and third Maxton Hall books (Save You and Save Us).

If you're not a fan of spoilers, this is your warning to stop reading now and buy the books or wait for season 2 to come out.

Do Ruby and James end up together in Maxton Hall? - SPOILERS BELOW

Here's What Happens To Ruby And James In The Maxton Hall Books
Here's What Happens To Ruby And James In The Maxton Hall Books. Picture: Prime Video

What happens in the second Maxton Hall book? - Save You Book Summary

Save You picks up right where Save Me leaves off. Ruby and James are together but James' mother Claudelia has died and he doesn't know how to deal with it. He kisses another girl drunk at a party and Ruby decides to leave him. However, they can't keep apart and James spends the rest of the book proving that he genuinely wants to be with Ruby.

Towards the end of the book Ruby finds out that she's been accepted into Oxford but there's a cliffhanger. Someone sends the photos James took of Ruby and Mr. Sutton together at the start of the first book to the Principal and Ruby is expelled from Maxton Hall. Ruby can't go to Oxford if she doesn't finish her final year so her entire future is up in the air.

To add to it all, James admits that he took the photos leaving his relationship with Ruby up in the air again. Oh and Lydia finds out that she's pregnant with Mr. Sutton's twins. However, the Principal doesn't know that it was Lydia who had an inappropriate relationship with Mr. Sutton not Ruby.

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What happens in the third Maxton Hall book? - Save Us Book Summary

At the start of Save Us, Mr. Sutton is fired from Maxton Hall over the photos with Ruby. Adding to the drama, James' father Mortimer finds out that Lydia is pregnant with Mr. Sutton's babies and banishes her to go live with his sister-in-law.

Originally, Ruby avoids James after being hurt over him taking the photos but when she sees how much the drama with his father and sister is affecting him, she's there for him again. Not only that but James moves in with Ruby because he can't deal with how cold-hearted his father is and sparks start to fly between them again.

James then figures out that his friend and Lydia's ex Cyril sent the photos to the principal. He did it in an attempt to get Mr. Sutton out of the way and get Lydia back. Cyril then publicly confesses that he not only sent the photos but edited them with James' father to make them look more compromising than they were.

The book ends with Ruby and James officially back together. Ruby is no longer expelled. She finishes school and goes to Oxford. Meanwhile, James quits his fathers company and goes travelling.

As for, Lydia she has her twins and gets back together with Mr. Sutton and they get back together (yes - the teacher and student end up happily ever after).

Whether or not the series makes changes to the books is yet to be seen but Ruby and James are definitely endgame.

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