MAFS Australia’s Sara Mesa Gets Called Out For 'Aggressive' Behaviour By The Experts

19 March 2024, 13:08 | Updated: 19 March 2024, 14:36

The experts paired Sara Mesa with Tim Calwell in MAFS Australia 2024
The experts paired Sara Mesa with Tim Calwell in MAFS Australia 2024. Picture: Channel Nine

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia’s Sara was told off by the experts during the second Commitment Ceremony for her “aggressive” behaviour towards husband, Tim.

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They have fast become MAFS Australia 2024’s most dysfunctional couple and after an outrageous screaming fight between Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell at the show's second dinner party, the experts stepped in.

Despite Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken pairing the couple together because of their history of being cheated on, Sara has since been sabotaging any chances of a romantic relationship with Tim through her behaviour.

After cancelling three dates with Tim since the experiment began, other couples on the show questioned whether Sara even wanted to try to build something with her on-screen husband. This line of questioning is what escalated and led to that fight.

Sara cancelled on three consecutive dates with MAFS husband Tim Calwell
Sara cancelled on three consecutive dates with MAFS husband Tim Calwell. Picture: Channel Nine

Tim and Sara chose to live in different apartments after 'the fight' and at the Commitment Ceremony, as they took a seat on the couch ahead of their turn to speak to the experts, Sara turned to the other contestants to apologise for her behaviour – well she apologised to everyone but Tim.

“I just want to say actually, that I’m embarrassed at how we aired out dirty laundry at everybody. So I apologise for the scene that was caused last night,” Sara said on the show. However Mel Schilling looked at Sara dubiously before asking her why she didn’t extend that apology to her husband, for the way she acted.

In response, Sara sat there and looked shocked before she put her hand to her chest and exclaimed, “He yelled at me!”

If you haven't watched the dinner party episode then this will clear it up for you: Sara yelled and screamed at Tim in an attempt to defend herself against anyone who was questioning whether she was committed to being there.

Sara did not extend her apology to her own husband after fighting with him at the Dinner Party
Sara did not extend her apology to her own husband after fighting with him at the Dinner Party. Picture: Channel Nine

This happened after it came out that she had cancelled on three dates with him and the experts saw every second and would not let her get away with it.

"You were behaving in a really aggressive way throughout the night," Expert Mel said to Sara, "You were shouting for quite a length of time and we were in shock watching your anger, your pointing, your body language was so alarming.”

Sara’s face at the time really expressed the shock she felt, she had not expected it to go this way and it seemed like she genuinely saw herself as the victim of that fight, but the experts weren’t done yet.

“We watched Tim control himself throughout the night until you pushed him to the point where he exploded," Mel explained to Sara before she praised Tim. “And for the first time, Tim, we saw you find your voice and express yourself to Sara.”

Sara's apology left fans infuriated online
Sara's apology left fans infuriated online. Picture: Channel Nine

At the previous Commitment Ceremony, Tim had been accused of being trampled over by Sara’s overbearing personality, so the experts seemed proud of him for standing up for himself. Mel turned to Sara and asked her once more, “Why didn’t you apologise to Tim when you sat down here tonight?”

What Sara said next left fans infuriated, “To be honest, I guess I didn’t see it, but now that I am being called out, I apologise,” she said.

Viewers have called the apology ‘fake’ and not heartfelt, with fans taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) to write things like, “What kind of apology was that?!” Another wrote, “Sara’s mouth apologised, but she has taken on none of that feedback.”

But the experts wanted to get to the heart of the fight, why did Sara think it was okay to cancel on three dates with Tim whilst participating in a social experiment that should be entirely about him. Mel asked, “So what’s the genuine reason you cancelled on him three times?”

“So the first time, I actually messaged Tim and I said ‘I’m not in a good place, I need to take some time to myself,’” Sara explained to the experts.

“The next date I said to him, the groceries are going to go off in the fridge, should we just cook that instead? And the following week, I went out with my girlfriends on the Saturday and I wasn’t feeling great on the Sunday. I was hungover.”

And this is when the other contestants sat completely confused because Sara seemed to find it funny from the way she smiled and laughed, but the experts did not.

The experts held Sara accountable for her behaviour
The experts held Sara accountable for her behaviour. Picture: Channel Nine

When Mel grilled Sara asking her how she thinks her choices might have been interpreted by Tim, she replied, “Well, I guess that he’s not a priority but that’s- that’s not really how I meant it.”

The experts reminded Sara that regardless of how she meant it, that’s how she’s made her husband feel and Tim validated that by saying, “It kind of feels like there’s a lack of effort and a lack of commitment from Sara to this whole experiment.”

If you've already spoiled the show for yourself, then you'll know why Sara might mentally be 'somewhere else' during this experiment, but if you haven't, but want to know, then you can head here.

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