Are Sara Mesa And Tim Calwell From MAFS Australia 2024 Still Together?

10 April 2024, 11:33

Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa were the first couples to marry on MAFS Australia 2024.
Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa were the first couples to marry on MAFS Australia 2024. Picture: Channel Nine/Instagram: @Saramessy

By Tiasha Debray

The Married At First Sight Australia couple took off to a rocky start, but are Sara and Tim from MAFS 2024 still together after the show?

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Married At First Sight Australia is nearly at its end and Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell are just one of many couples who had a rocky relationship throughout the experiment.

Sara and Tim soon had viewers talking because whilst there was instant chemistry between them, things soon took a downward turn.

The experts Alessandra Rampolla, John Aiken and Mel Schilling all had high hopes for this pairing as they both were exactly what the other had asked for on paper and yet, things don’t always work out the way they plan it.

With the pair being married less than 24 hours before they had their first disagreement, it’s no wonder the public are curious as to whether Sara and Tim are still together after filming the reality show.

Warning: Major show spoilers ahead!

Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell shared instant chemistry on their wedding day.
Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell shared instant chemistry on their wedding day. Picture: Channel Nine

Are 2024 MAFS Australia Sara and Tim still together?

It doesn’t look like MAFS Australia’s Sara and Tim are still together, that’s the one benefit to the UK being one month behind Australia as the show airs, we get the tea a little faster.

Whilst the show ended down under, the cast have finally been open about the status of their relationship, with Sara having confirmed to 9Entertainment that she and Tim have split.

"We broke up a month after the Reunion," Sara told the publication.

"We didn't speak for a little while after, it was hard for us both but a few months down the track we started talking again."

"We're definitely friends now, we are very amicable. It's been good to be on good terms because we went through this crazy ride together."

Sara was accused of cheating on Tim during the show
Sara was accused of cheating on Tim during the show. Picture: Channel Nine

Sara revealed that the drama in the show was never really left behind in their relationship as Tim found it difficult to move on from it, "It was a constant battle, he would tell me 'I forgive you' and then it would come out that he wasn't 100 per cent moving on," Sara said.

"I was like we either do this or we don't we just can't keep rehashing things." But both Sara and Tim have also been photographed on dates with other people after filming.

It's thought their relationship was strong away from the experiment until they reunited with their co-stars for a final dinner party marking the end of the series, where co-star Jono dropped a bombshell: "If he had more time, he might have made a different decision about staying with Sara at the Final Vows.

Sara was blindsided by Jono's statement, as they'd been doing well up until that point. The dinner party is said to have been the final nail in the coffin of the end of their relationship.

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Tim took it another step as he was papped kissing a Brazilian woman on the Gold Coast early in February.

Sara tackled these rumours head on on Australia’s The Kyle & Jackie O Show, where radio host Kyle Sandilands told the reality star that he’d heard from multiple sources that Tim was in a relationship with a Brazilian lady.

“It might’ve been an ex,” Sara said to the host, “I actually can’t remember if the ex was Italian or Brazilian.”

This ex-girlfriend in question was a hot topic on the first episode of the season as Sara found out that Tim had broken up with his cheating ex of six years just six months prior to marrying her and she feared she was just being used as a rebound.

A source spoke to PerthNow saying, “Tim is not the angel he’s painted out to be,” and claimed that Tim was messaging another girl the entire time he was in the experiment.

Sara’s posted a photo of the couple, captioned “Hubby and bestie dates.”
Sara’s posted a photo of the couple, captioned “Hubby and bestie dates.”. Picture: Instagram/saramessy

While Tim’s publicly denied any cheating rumours, it can definitely be said that these two are no longer together.

However their Instagram accounts are still promoting the show and so can appear a little misleading, as they post content that aligns with what is airing on the show.

For example, despite the pair seemingly no longer speaking outside the show, a recent post on Sara’s instagram is a photo of herself and Tim enjoying a meal, with the caption “Hubby and bestie dates.”

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