Which MAFS Australia 2023 Couples Are Still Together?

19 February 2024, 16:50 | Updated: 27 February 2024, 10:10

Married At First Sight Australia 2023 couples didn't have a very high success rate
Married At First Sight Australia 2023 couples didn't have a very high success rate. Picture: Channel 4/Instagram

By Zoe Adams

Married At First Sight Australia 2023 had some amazing relationships amidst the chaos - but are any of them till together now?

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MAFS Australia 2024 is back on our TV screens in the UK so what better time to reflect on the 2023 cast and who is still together?

From Tahnee and Ollie to Melinda and Layton, Married At First Sight Australia managed to create some seriously strong couples with viewers hoping they would last a life time.

But now, almost a year on, has anyone from the Aussie experiment managed to stay together and strong? Or did they all end up just like Caitlin and Shannon and Bronte and Harrison who dramatically split on the show?

Here's all the MAFs Australia 2023 couples who are still together and who split.

MAFS couple Tahnee and Ollie had a strong relationship throughout the experiement
MAFS couple Tahnee and Ollie had a strong relationship throughout the experiement. Picture: Channel 4

Tahnee and Ollie - split

The youngest couple of the experiment and Tahnee and Ollie showed promise from the very beginning.

Shining throughout all the challenges, these two confessed their love and future plans before the MAFS experiment was even over meaning they left fully committed to one another.

And while things did go really well for Tahnee and Ollie, they very sadly confirmed in December 2023 they had split.

So why did they break up? Ollie explained on a podcast: "I think Tahnee has some great qualities and I have so much respect for her and I still have love for Tahnee but at our core we are just really, really different."

Taylor and Hugo struggled to communicate and relate on MAFS Australia
Taylor and Hugo struggled to communicate and relate on MAFS Australia. Picture: Channel 4

Taylor and Hugo - split

It was a relationship doomed from the starting line as Taylor made her struggles very clear to her husband.

With no intentions of trying to make things work, this halfway couple only lasted a couple of weeks in the experiment with rumours even circulating that she was sexting co-star Cameron.

Melinda and Layton on holiday together smiling and cuddling
Melinda and Layton moved in together after the experiment but sadly split. Picture: Layton Mills/Instagram

Melinda and Layton - split

A couple with their ups and downs throughout the whole experiment, proved everyone wrong when they emerged from the final vows together and determined.

Fast forward almost a year after the experiment was filmed and the couple confirmed in a joint statement they had parted ways.

It read: "Hi all – we wanted to keep this private for the time being, but we have a lot of supporters that are invested in the relationship and owe it to you to be transparent.

"After a lot of thought and consideration, we have sadly decided to both take time apart.

"We still care very deeply for each other and this doesn't mean our lives can't come back together, but as of now, we think this decision is for the best."

Alyssa and Duncan MAFS Australia 2023 wedding picture
Alyssa and Duncan went their separate ways at the final vows. Picture: Channel 4

Alyssa and Duncan - split

Everyone was cheering on this fairytale couple who seemed to be perfect for one another but it became clear there might not be a happy ending as cracks began to show halfway through.

In one of the most brutal commitment ceremonies, Duncan decided to step away from Alyssa who was willing to keep working on their relationship.

Duncan is now with MAFS co-star Evelyn.

Caitlynn and Shannon MAFS Australia image
Caitlynn and Shannon had a good honeymoon before things took a sour turn. Picture: Channel 4

Caitlin and Shannon - split

They were one of the first couples to leave the experiment after Shannon said some pretty horrible things about his wife. He also carried on flirting with an ex while on the show. Not a start of a happily ever after that's for sure.

Claire and Jesse's MAFS journey was very turbulent
Claire and Jesse's MAFS journey was very turbulent. Picture: Channel 4

Claire and Jesse - split

One of the most turbulent couples in series 10, Claire and Jesse were up and down from the start and then a cheating scandal completely rocked their marriage for good.

While they both tried their hardest to make it work, eventually they had to call time.

Sandy and Dan red and pink wedding on MAFS Australia
Sandy and Dan had high hopes for their MAFS marriage. Picture: Channel 4

Sandy and Dan - split

Another couple that ended on bad terms were Sandy and Dan who split while on the show.

Not only did they struggle to make their lifestyles compatible, but Dan also said some pretty hurtful things on a boy's night out that confirmed the end of their marriage.

Bronte and Harrison sitting on the sofa for a commitment ceremony
Bronte and Harrison's marriage has gone down in MAFS history. Picture: Channel 4

Bronte and Harrison - split

Perhaps the most confusing and dramatic couple of the whole series was Bronte and Harrison who were on and off more times then we can remember.

Fiery and turbulent, they eventually stormed away from one another a few weeks before the end of the experiment.

MAFS couple Janelle and Adam on the experts sofa
MAFS couple Janelle and Adam were rocked by a cheating scandal. Picture: Channel 4

Janelle and Adam - split

It seemed like a good match for Janelle and Adam but then came the Claire cheating scandal and it was all over.

Janelle and Adam both chose to leave at the very next commitment ceremony.

Lyndall and Cameron ended on bad terms at the final vows
Lyndall and Cameron ended on bad terms at the final vows. Picture: Channel 4

Lyndall and Cameron - split

From the beginning, this was a marriage that had viewers praising the experts but as the end of the experiment came, some serious issues of intimacy came up.

Completely fed up of the situation, Lyndall served Cameron one epic final speech and walked away for good.

Evelyn and Rupert from MAFS Australia 2023 at their final vows
Evelyn and Rupert couldn't get over their connection issues despite their efforts. Picture: Channel 4

Evelyn and Rupert - split

They came in as one of the middle married couples and were both truly committed to making their marriage work.

They managed to make their relationship last until final vows where they eventually admitted defeat.

MAFS couple Melissa and Josh on the expert's sofa
MAFS couple Melissa and Josh had opposite views on intimacy. Picture: Channel 4

Melissa and Josh - split

As the oldest couple in the MAFS Australia experiment, viewers were hoping the extra maturity would go a long way, however, that wasn't quite the case.

With Melissa's strong sexual needs, it didn't take long for Josh to opt to walk away.

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