Are MAFS Australia Couple Ellie And Ben Still Together Now?

15 March 2024, 16:44 | Updated: 15 March 2024, 16:45

MAFS stars Ellie and Ben are paired up by the experts in 2024's experiment
MAFS stars Ellie and Ben are paired up by the experts in 2024's experiment. Picture: Channel 4

By Zoe Adams

Married At First Sight 2024 saw Ellie and Ben become husband and wife but have they split? Or did they manage to make their marriage last? Prepare for spoilers ahead.

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MAFS Australia 2024 has one of the best casts to date with experts Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken bringing together new married couples to take on the experiment and one of those was Ellie and Ben.

Happily walking down the aisle to one another, Ellie, 32, and Ben, 39, were both set on finding 'The One' after being so unlucky in love before hand. Although, some did raise questions over the grooms true intentions.

Ellie, a nurse, opened up to the experts revealing she was set to marry once before and was forced to cancel her wedding just one month before the nuptials due to her fiancé cheating.

Ben's changing careers has meant he's never felt able to fully settle down, so do they manage to make it together as a couple?

Here's everything we know about Married At First Sight's Ellie and Ben and whether they've split or are still together now. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

Married At First Sight couple Ellie and Ben's wedding was picture-perfect on the beach
Married At First Sight couple Ellie and Ben's wedding was picture-perfect on the beach. Picture: Channel 4

Are MAFS Australia couple Ellie and Ben still together now?

Ellie and Ben are definitely no longer together.

Whilst it's early days in the relationship for those watching in the UK but for viewers in Australia, who are weeks ahead in the experiment, cracks began to show almost instantly for this new husband and wife.

To begin with, Ellie and Ben struggled with the conversation about wanting kids in the future and then Ben really went for it when he listed more than just a couple of things he didn't like about his partner.

Following a fall out, Ben returned to their apartment, guitar in hand, and performed a song for her to apologise for his terrible behaviour. And while things seemed like they were repaired, he finished the evening with his long list of negatives.

Ben and Ellie's wearing lilac for MAFS Australia dinner party
Ben and Ellie's relationship took a wrong turn early on in the MAFS Australia journey. Picture: Channel 4

The points included their age gap (seven years), her being "too emotional", the fact she wears makeup and their dry conversation.

Towards the end of the experiment the pair continued to butt heads with Ben eventually cracking under the pressure and breaking up with her at a dinner party.

The pair left the experiment after this happened.

With all this in mind, it comes as no surprise MAFS Ellie and Ben are no longer together. In fact, it seems they're both so over one another, they've even gone public with new partners.

Ben is now dating a new girlfriend named Aileen, and Ellie was scandalously photographed kissing Jonathan McCullough who was paired with Lauren Dunn in the experiment. (Sorry guys, they don't make it either.)

And it doesn't look like Ellie and Ben can even salvage a friendship as she continues to make passive aggressive Instagram captions aimed at her former partner.

One reads: "I’m sorry I can’t understand you, must be the generational gap #MAFS."

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