Charithra Chandran Fact File - Age, TV Roles, Where She's From & More

3 April 2024, 16:38 | Updated: 5 April 2024, 15:52

Here is everything you need to know about actress Charithra Chandran
Here is everything you need to know about actress Charithra Chandran. Picture: Getty
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Get to know actress Charithra Chandran from How To Date Billy Walsh and Bridgerton.

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Amazon is bringing Bridgerton star Charithra Chandran back to our screens, and no we don't mean they've taken the third season of Bridgerton of off Netflix, we are talking about their brand new coming of age, teen rom-com How To Date Billy Walsh.

How To Date Billy Walsh is coming to Prime Video this April starring Charithra as Amelia and Heartstopper star Sebastian Croft as Archie.

Here are all the details about Charithra including her age, previous TV and movie roles and what she's said about her newest film.

Charithra Chandran plays Amelia in "How To Date Billy Walsh"
Charithra Chandran plays Amelia in "How To Date Billy Walsh". Picture: Getty

Who does Charithra Chandran play in Bridgerton?

Charithra Chandran plays Edwina Sharma, a young debutante pursuing a 'love match' in none other than Anthony Birdgerton, portrayed by Jonathan Bailey. She was a newcomer in season 2 of the show but has sadly confirmed that she won't be coming back for season 3.

How old is Charithra Chandran?

Charithra is 27 years old, with her birthday falling at the beginning of the year on January 17 which makes her a Capricorn. She was just 23 when she bagged the role of Edwina Sharma!

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What TV shows and movies has Charithra Chandran been in?


  • How To Date Billy Walsh
  • Eternals
  • Class S
  • The Talent

TV shows:

  • Bridgerton
  • Alex Rider

Bridgerton was Charithra's breakout role as she had only had three acting bookings prior to the Netflix mega-hit. In fact, she only began acting professionally in 2021.

Some fans may recognise her as Sabina Pleasance from Alex Rider, a spy thriller series streaming on Amazon Prime. The 25-year-old bagged a main role in the sci-fi show's second season.

Charithra also appeared in the Marvel block buster Eternals which starred the one and only Harry Styles.

She has spoken about her excitement to be in the teen rom-com How To Date Billy Walsh. Speaking to Variety she said: “It’s such an adorable rom-com, and is an homage to films like ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Sixteen Candles.’ And it is just so sweet,"

Charithra Chandran is a newcomer to Bridgerton's second season
Charithra Chandran completed a degree in philosophy before pursuing acting. Picture: Alamy

She went on: “When I was younger, family movies were so popular — films that parents and children could both sit down and watch. And I think the last few years we slightly lost that, and I really think ‘How to Date Billy Walsh’ is such a family film.”

The actress also made her West End debut in 2024 starring in the one-woman show, Instructions For A Teenage Armageddon at London's Garrick Theatre.

Where is Charithra Chandran from?

The star was born in Perth, Scotland but when she was younger she lived in India with her grandparents for a while. When she came back to the UK she lived in Oxford with her mum.

Charithra studied a degree in Philosophy and graduated from the University of Oxford in 2019 – during her time as a student she became more involved with theatre and drama.

"Instructions For A Teenage Armageddon" - curtain call
"Instructions For A Teenage Armageddon" - curtain call. Picture: Getty

Who is Charithra Chandran dating?

We don't currently know who Charitha is dating as she keeps her love life pretty private. On her Instagram she shares a snippet of her life including some snaps of her family but nothing on there hints to a boyfriend.

But we do know that she 'loves to date'. During an interview with online dating company Bumble she spoke about making the first move before grinning and saying, "God I love dating."

She has also revealed that she has found dating hard since being part of Bridgerton. She told Cosmopolitan UK: "Even before the show, people would see me on Instagram or google me. Which we all do, it’s fine… but it started to get weird,

Charithra Chandran has only a handful of acting credits
Charithra Chandran started acting later in life. Picture: Alamy

"So it is harder to meet people, but I don’t think I’m famous or successful enough to ever have to worry that someone’s dating me for clout. If I think about what kind of person I want to date, the number one thing I’ll say is that they need to be a feminist."

She said this is because she's "an advocate for women" and her "family is a matriarchy". So to the lucky guy out there, you better get up to date with your feminist literature.

Does Charithra Chandran have an Instagram account?

Charithra Chandran can be found on Instagram under @charithra17. The young star posts about her upcoming projects as well as sharing snaps from some of her cover shoots!

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