Does Violet Bridgerton Remarry With Lord Anderson? Here's What Happens In The Books

15 June 2024, 15:53

Does Violet Bridgerton Remarry With Lord Anderson? Here's What Happens In The Books
Does Violet Bridgerton Remarry With Lord Anderson? Here's What Happens In The Books. Picture: Netflix
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Bridgerton season 3 introduces a brand new love interest for Violet Bridgerton called Lord Anderson.

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Bridgerton season 3 has left fans begging for Violet Bridgerton and Lord Anderson to get together but what happens in the books?

In the first two seasons of Bridgerton, there's little focus on Violet Bridgerton and her romantic desires. Following the death of her beloved husband Edmund years before the show starts, she remains focused on her children. It's only in season 3 that we meet a potential suitor for her.

Bridgerton season 3 introduces viewers to Lady Danbury's mysterious brother Lord Marcus Anderson and he instantly hits it off with Violet.

So are Violet Bridgerton and Lord Anderson endgame? Here's how their story ends in season 3 and what's next for them.

WARNING: Spoilers for Bridgerton season 3 and the books ahead!

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Why does Lady Danbury hate her brother?

During season 3, we learn that Lord Anderson is a widower and he has moved back to London after finding life on his estate too lonely. After a handful of flirty encounters with Violet, it becomes clear that there's palpable chemistry between them. In episode 7, Lord Anderson tells Violet that he is interested in starting a relationship with her.

However, Violet says that she can't see Lord Anderson until he amends his relationship with Lady Danbury. Throughout the season, it's clear that Lady Danbury does not care for her brother. When Lord Anderson initially asks for Lady Danbury's help with a love match, she asks him to leave her out of his "raking about town".

In episode 7, we learn that Lady Danbury has harboured a decades long grudge against her brother because he told their father that she was trying to run away the night before she married Lord Danbury. She blames him for stopping her from being happy.

Marcus then apologises to Lady Danbury and reveals he didn't know she was scared of marrying Lord Danbury. Marcus actually thought he was protecting her. The pair makeup and Lady Danbury later tells Violet that she supports their relationship.

The season ends with Violet and Marcus dancing together but it's unclear what happens next.

Why does Lady Danbury not like Lord Anderson?
Why does Lady Danbury not like Lord Anderson? Picture: Netflix

Does Violet Bridgerton marry Lord Anderson in the books?

Unfortunately for fans wanting to know what happens next, Lord Anderson isn't actually a character in the Bridgerton books. He was written specifically for the series. Violet also never remarries in the books.

However, with the Netflix series deviating from the book plot quite considerably, there may still be a happy ending for the two of them yet.

It's likely that the series will explore Violet and Marcus' relationship – the seeds for that storyline where planted in Queen Charlotte when Violet admitted that her "garden is in bloom". Whether they get married? We'll have to wait and see.

And, even if anything sours between them, season 3 makes clear that Violet and Lady Danbury will remain friends regardless.

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