Pop Stars Are All Singing This Viral TikTok Song: Madison Beer, Lauren Spencer Smith, Gracie Abrams & More

18 August 2022, 17:32

Everyone's been jumping on this song...
Everyone's been jumping on this song... Picture: Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Pop stars on TikTok are all duetting a Scottish singer-songwriter's viral song and the lyrics are out of this world!

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Earlier this month, a song gripped the TikTok community and users have not been able to stop singing its heartwrenching lyrics since – even pop stars have got involved!

Scottish singer-songwriter Katie Gregson Macleod got everyone talking when her song 'Complex' was branded as the 'new driver's license' after the ballad began to go viral on the platform.

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Following the overnight success of the song – which was praised for its raw lyricism – the TikTokker Katie decided to post an instrumental version so users could duet the video with their own vocals.

It didn't take long for it to spawn a trend that saw hundreds of people sing along and some even penned their own lyrics to 'Complex'! The likes of pop sensations Madison Beer and Camila Cabello and more have all got involved...

Everyone has been singing their own version of Katie Gregson Macleod's TikTok song
Everyone has been singing their own version of Katie Gregson Macleod's TikTok song. Picture: Katie Macleod/TikTok

The TikTok first began to pick up speed when new fans of the songwriter praised her vulnerable lyrics that detail the slow heartbreak of a one-sided relationship, with many noting that the ballad was painfully relatable. Read some of the fan-favourite lines below:

"I’m wearing his boxers / I’m being a good wife / We won’t be together / But maybe the next life

I need him like water / He lives on a landslide / I cry in his bathroom / He turns off the big light"

Duets for Katie's instrumental currently stand at 4,500, with several of those videos being made by big names in the industry.

FLETCHER who was on of the first stars to comment on Katie's original video did a rendition of her own, penning new lines dedicated to queer love. She sang: "I'm wearing her t-shirts, our love's in a box in the closet when we were."

TikTok icon and singer of 'Fingers Crossed' Lauren Spencer-Smith got involved too, belting out the original lyrics to the tune in a moving video.

Mega-star Camila Cabello hopped on the trend too, sharing a sentimental and poignant version of 'Complex', breathing her own experiences into the words of the song. She sang in the wake of her break-up with Shawn Mendes in 2021: "I'm wearing his boxers, he kisses me goodnight, my heart is on fire, he turned off the big light."

"I laugh at the future, cancel when I'm tongue-tied, I need him like water, I tell him he's alright, I'm a f*****g coward, I just want a good life," Camila continued in the emotional video.

The likes of Gracie Abrams and Madison Beer graced us with their dulcet tones and sang the viral tune too – the list goes on!

At the time of writing, Katie's original video of the piano ballad stands at a whopping 5.6 million views and nearly a million likes – wow, talk about a success!

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