Everyone's Calling This Viral TikTok Song 'The New Drivers License'

2 September 2022, 17:45 | Updated: 2 September 2022, 17:47

A new viral pop ballad has hit TikTok
A new viral pop ballad has hit TikTok. Picture: Katie Macleod/TikTok/Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Pop stars and singer-songwriters have all been going crazy over TikTok's latest ballad – here's everything you need to know about the viral tune on everybody's mind...

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Another song is taking TikTok by storm, with users dubbing it "the next 'Drivers License'", talk about high praise!

It's unlikely that you've been able to scroll through the short video platform without coming across a song that will tug at your heartstrings – and the song has now officially been released!

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Scottish singer-songwriter Katie Gregson Macleod has gotten everyone talking about the stunning lyricism of her viral sensation 'Complex', following in Miss Olivia Rodrigo's footsteps!

TikTokkers have had an insane reaction to the piano ballad, with an endless stream of likes, comments and duet videos following Katie's post – it's even started somewhat of a trend!

Olivia Rodrigo shares video of her performing Driver’s License to celebrate its anniversary

Katie Gregson Macleod is going viral with 'Complex'
Katie Gregson Macleod is going viral with 'Complex'. Picture: Katie Gregson Macleod/TikTok

The songstress posted the original song to TikTok on August 5, not anticipating the avalanche of praise and adoration it would soon receive.

In just four days of 'Complex' being posted, it racked up a whopping 2.5 million views and over 500K likes, sparking a slew of covers and reaction videos.

The comments under Katie's video are overflowing with users relating to her vulnerable lyrics that depict the melacholia of a one-sided relationship, with pop stars such as Masie Peters, Gracie Abrams, Mae Muller and Fletcher (and many more) commenting!

All the overnight mania led to the Scottish musician posting several videos responding to the overwhelming feedback, she shared a video where she wrote: "ngl i didn't think so many people were gonna hear me talk about boxer shorts and my deepest darkest feelings on the internet. [sic]"

Olivia Rodrigo first blew up on TIkTok with 'drivers license'
Olivia Rodrigo first blew up on TIkTok with 'drivers license'. Picture: Getty

"like fletcher and olivia o'brien now know I have an anxious attachment style I was tryna play hard to get," the TikTok success shared.

'Psycho' singer Masie Peters gushed over the confessional song in the comments: "This killed me oh wow."

Not only is the song hauntingly beautiful but the lyrics have been garnering attention in particular, with new fans posting videos entitled 'How each of these lyrics made us feel', and it's becoming a trend!

Many users urged Katie to put the heartwrenching song out into the world, with some writing, "drop this on Spotify now," and "release it release it release it".

'complex (demo)' has now made its way onto streaming platforms and surpassed 3 million listens on Spotify in under a week!

Katie Gregson Macleod's 'Complex' full lyrics:

I’m wearing his boxers / I’m being a good wife

We won’t be together / But maybe the next life

I need him like water / He lives on a landslide

I cry in his bathroom / He turns off the big light

I'm being a cool girl / I'm keeping it so tight

I carry him home / While my friends have a good night

I need him like water / He thinks that I’m alright

I’m not feeling human / I think he’s a good guy

But it's complex / It's a complex

It's a complex / I'm a complex

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