Taylor Swift Unveils The 'Midnights' Release Schedule: From Music Videos To Interviews

17 October 2022, 11:48

Taylor has revealed her upcoming releases
Taylor has revealed her upcoming releases. Picture: Taylor Swift/Instagram

By Savannah Roberts

Taylor Swift has uncovered her mastermind plan for the release of 'Midnights', posting a calendar that shows every date that she's treating us to a single, music video and TV appearance!

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Taylor Swift has kept us all on our toes since she first gave a surprise announcement about the release of her tenth studio album, 'Midnights'.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter has been drip-feeding us information about the record, with eagle-eyed fans constantly looking for Easter eggs to find out what the lead single might be.

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Well Swifties, look no further! In a very non-Taylor fashion, the pop icon has unveiled her 'Midnights Manifest', giving us all the details on the first single and when its music video is dropping and everything else we could possibly want to know!

Taylor Swift reveals jam-packed schedule for Midnights release

Taylor Swift has a busy release week for 'Midnights'
Taylor Swift has a busy release week for 'Midnights'. Picture: Getty

To mark the beginning of release week, Taylor posted an animated video to her Instagram that showed a calendar adorned with the songstress' trademark scrawl – every day of the 'Midnights Manifest' displays a treat from Taylor to the fans.

She captioned the clip: "Mark your calendars! Meet the Midnights Manifest."

Swift revealed a lot of information but fans were immediately sent into a tailspin when they realised that her first single is just around the corner! 'Anti-Hero' serves as Taylor's first single and it will drop with its very own music video on Friday, October 21 – the same day as the album.

In the background of the animation, glitter gel pens, fountain pens and a quill in ink can be spotted – referencing the names Taylor has come up with to describe the three secret genres she writes in.

The red dial-up telephone Taylor used for her song announcements during 'Midnights Mayhem With Me' can also be seen.

Read the full Taylor plan below – oh she knows how to treat us:

Taylor shared her 'Midnights Manifest'
Taylor shared her 'Midnights Manifest'. Picture: Taylor Swift/Instagram
Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' comes out on October 21
Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' comes out on October 21. Picture: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift's full Midnights Manifest

October 20, Thursday

An allusive trailer will be dropping during the 'third quarter' ad-break of Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime – what's she teasing now? Of course, she had to get in one last 'Midnights @ Midnight' on the calendar.

October 21, Friday

Taylor highlighted the hotly-anticipated release date for TS10 in neon yellow and next to added a couple extra surprises.

She wrote: "(3 am EST) Special very chaotic surprise. (8 am EST) Anti-Hero Music Video Premiere!! + #TSAntiHeroChallenge on YouTube Shorts. (8 pm EST) Lyric Videos!)"

Wow. To sum up, for fans across the pond in the UK; we're getting an unhinged announcement at 8 AM BST, the lead singles' music video at 1 PM BST, and the entire record's lyric videos at 1 AM on October 22.

Taylor has plans for two singles in the first week of the album's release
Taylor has plans for two singles in the first week of the album's release. Picture: taylorswift.com
Taylor will do one television interview each for the UK and US
Taylor will do one television interview each for the UK and US. Picture: taylorswift.com

October 22, Saturday

The pop star then simply wrote "stream midnights pls" for the Saturday box, and told fans that they can purchase the exclusive lavender edition vinyl of the album at Target.

October 23, Sunday

Taylor raised suspicions for Sunday of her release week, writing: "Visit your local record store?"

October 24, Monday

The singer-songwriter will be doing her first television interview during her 'Midnights' era on October 24, appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

October 25, Tuesday

We're getting another music video! Taylor won't be wasting any time as she's releasing the second single from her tenth album just four days after it drops. She's yet to announce which track it will be, but we know that it's arriving at 12 AM EST. which is 5 AM BST for UK Swifties.

October 26 and October 27

The hint-dropping genius follows up with another kind request to "streaming midnights and watch videos pls" on the Wednesday and Thursday – it would be our pleasure, Taylor!

October 28, Friday

Speaking of UK fans, Swift will be making the journey across the pond and returning to London as she makes an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

It looks like we have quite the exciting week or two ahead of us, we're ready for all the TS content!

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