Taylor Swift 'Fearless' Album: Brand New Track List And All The Details

17 September 2021, 14:28 | Updated: 17 September 2021, 14:32

Taylor Swift will soon re-release 'Fearless'
Taylor Swift will soon re-release 'Fearless'. Picture: Getty / Taylor Swift/Twitter

By Kathryn Knight

Taylor Swift is releasing a brand new version of album ‘Fearless’ and Swifties are already dying to know its release date and which new songs will be on the track list.

Taylor Swift, the queen of surprises, is bringing out what’s pretty much a brand new album with the re-release of ‘Fearless’, adding six new songs to the remasters including a never-before-heard single called 'You All Over Me'.

After releasing ‘Love Story – Taylor’s Version’, the hype for the new ‘Fearless’ edition is at the same level of excitement there was for her lockdown EPs ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ last year.

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If, like us, you absolutely cannot wait for ‘Fearless’ to be re-released, here are all the details you need on Tay’s new album, from its release date to the track list.

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Release date of ‘Fearless – Taylor’s version’

'Fearless – Taylor's Version' is coming out on 9 April.

Taylor didn't confirm the release date of the new edition of ‘Fearless’ for quite some time, but when she announced the album Swifites were adamant she’d added an Easter egg that subtly confirmed the date as 9 April.

Pointing out all the capital letters in her announcement post, the letters spelt out ‘April Ninth!'

As always, her committed fans were right!

Taylor Swift dropped the 'Fearless' release date in her album statement
Taylor Swift dropped the 'Fearless' release date in her album statement. Picture: Taylor Swift/Twitter
The track list for 'Fearless – Taylor's version'
The track list for 'Fearless – Taylor's version'. Picture: Taylor Swift

Track list of ‘Fearless – Taylor’s version’

‘Fearless – Taylor’s Version’ will have a total of 26 songs on the album, including six never-before-heard tracks Taylor said are ‘from the vault’.

In the run-up to the release Taylor released never-before-heard track 'You All Over Me', featuring vocals from Maren Morris, as well as 'Mr. Perfectly Fine', both of which are 'from the vault'.

Revealing what fans can expect from the new songs, Taylor said in her Twitter statement: “Written when I was between the ages of 16 and 18, these were the songs that killed me to leave behind.”

Here's the complete track list of 'Fearless – Taylor's Version':

  • ‘Fearless (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Fifteen (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Love Story (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Hey Stephen (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘White Horse (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘You Belong With Me (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Breathe (Taylor’s version) (Featuring Colbie Calat)’
  • ‘Tell Me Why (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘You’re Not Sorry (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Forever & Always (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘The Best Day (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Change (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Jump Then Fall (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Untouchable (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Forever & Always (Piano Version) (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Come In With The Rain (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Superstar (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘The Other Side of the Door (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘Today was a Fairytale (Taylor’s version)’
  • ‘You All Over Me (From the vault) (Featuring Maren Morris)’
  • ‘Mr Perfectly Fine (From the vault)’
  • ‘We Were Happy (From the vault)’
  • ‘That’s When (From the vault) (Featuring Keith Urban)’
  • ‘Don’t You (From the vault)’
  • ‘Bye Bye Baby (From the vault)’
  • Bonus track: ‘Love Story (Taylor’s version – Elvira remix)
Taylor Swift's original 'Fearless' album cover
Taylor Swift's original 'Fearless' album cover. Picture: Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's new album cover for 'Fearless'
Taylor Swift's new album cover for 'Fearless'. Picture: Taylor Swift/Twitter

Is there a new album cover for ‘Fearless – Taylor’s version’?

Continuing her stripped-back theme we saw on the likes of ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’, Taylor’s new album cover for ‘Fearless’ sees the 31-year-old rocking the same, hair-billowing pose as the original 2008 cover but with just a seep of winged eyeliner and no sign of her former trademark ringlets.

She also ditched the white halter neck dress for a ruched blouse, looking every inch the free woman she’s become as she remasters her old music.

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