Supermarket Rules For Lockdown 2 Including 'Rationed' Items List

4 November 2020, 16:43

Supermarket rules for lockdown 2
Supermarket rules for lockdown 2. Picture: Getty Images

As England heads into its second national lockdown, here are the rules supermarkets are introducing, from restricted items to traffic light systems.

England's second COVID-19 national lockdown has arrived and everyone is wondering just what the next four weeks has in store, including supermarkets, their rules and if they are restricting any items per customer.

We have everything you'll need to know ahead of lockdown 2 from the major supermarkets.

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Boris Johnson outlines restrictions for second national lockdown

Restricted and 'rationed' items

Tesco has announced plans to restrict certain basic goods that see a surge in demand during lockdown, especially the earlier parts when the public tend to 'panic buy' items including toilet roll and canned goods.

The supermarket will limit three per person on the following items:

- Flour
- Dried pasta
- Toilet roll
- Baby wipes
- Anti-bacterial wipes

There will also be restrictions on items including face coverings, eggs, flour, anti bacterial products and rice and canned veg.

They have also implemented a 'traffic light system' in some of their bigger shops to help manage the amount of people shopping and minimising their interaction.

Morrisons has also announced they will be putting restrictions on certain goods but have stressed they have a good stock on everything- they simply want to allow everyone to be able to purchase what they need.

They told The Independent: "We are introducing a limit on a small number of key products, such as toilet roll and disinfectant."

"Our stock levels of these products are good but we want to ensure that they are available for everyone."

Some shops have cordoned off non-essential items in Wales
Some shops have cordoned off non-essential items in Wales. Picture: Getty Images

Supermarkets including ASDA, Waitrose, Morrisons and Lidl all have marshals that will assist with people coming in and out of the shops, restricting the numbers and controlling the flow in and out to reduce unsafe numbers inside the store.

Like last time, many supermarkets are also asking people to shop at 'off-peak' times where possible to help ease overcrowding, with the hours usually lying between 11am-3pm.

They are also urging people to shop alone where possible.

As everyone, the shops included, has a good memory from the national lockdown earlier in the year, there are countless systems in place to make shopping as convenient and safe as possible.

Cleaning and sanitising stations will also be found in these shops- as have remained even when restrictions were eased.

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