What You’re Actually Allowed To Do Outdoors During Lockdown 2

4 November 2020, 12:59

Lockdown part two in England begins on Thursday
Lockdown part two in England begins on Thursday. Picture: PA / Getty

Lockdown in England begins on Thursday, and the restrictions this time around are slightly different to the rules in March.

England is preparing for another nationwide lockdown on Thursday, as shops and hospitality services shut their doors for a whole month, with some exemptions.

Coronavirus thrives on the fact we’re a sociable bunch, so the government are trying to halt the spread of the infection by banning us from meeting a large number of people outside of our household for at least four weeks.

The Shops Staying Open During Lockdown In England Part Two

While pubs, restaurants, gyms and leisure centres will shut, we are allowed to make use of the great outdoors as the one-hour of exercise we were permitted to leave our house for back in March is out the window this time around and we can stretch our legs to our hearts’ content.

Boris Johnson outlines restrictions for second national lockdown

This has people asking if you can go fishing, play golf or play tennis, however there are a different set of rules this time around.

If you’re wondering what you are allowed to do in lockdown part two, this might answer some of your questions…

What can I do outdoors in lockdown 2?

The government is yet to confirm the full list of rules, as the restrictions will be debated in parliament before lockdown begins on Thursday, however there are some indications as to what will be permitted.

From 5 November, tennis and golf will be banned after some confusion when Michael Gove said the sports could continue.

Secretary of state Robert Jenrick has since clarified “indoor and outdoor leisure are closed.”

He also confirmed: "You can go out with your household or one other person so there is some greater freedom than there was with the first lockdown.”

Tennis and golf is banned in lockdown two
Tennis and golf is banned in lockdown two. Picture: Getty

This means you can meet one friend or family member from another household for a stroll, which will be considered a true luxury on a sunny day, as long as you keep two meters apart.

You’ll also be able to head out for a run or cycle without a time constriction.

For any keen anglers, fishing is yet to be deemed an essential activity for lockdown round two, but earlier this year it wasn’t considered “a very physical activity.”

However, the Prime Minister later said he wanted to “encourage people to take more amounts of outdoor exercise” and in May permitted fishing to continue.

It’s not yet been confirmed whether fishing with members of your own household will be allowed this time around.

This list will be updated when the government confirm which activities will be allowed during the second lockdown.

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