This Squid Game Actor Has Gained Over 8 Million Followers

30 September 2021, 16:49 | Updated: 7 October 2021, 14:16

Jung Ho-Yeon's Instagram has blown up...
Jung Ho-Yeon's Instagram has blown up... Picture: Getty/Netflix

By Savannah Roberts

Jung Ho-Yeon's social media accounts have blown up since Squid Game arrived on Netflix...

It's unlikely that you've been able to surf the web without coming across the Squid Game mania that's taking the internet by storm!

After the mega-success of Netflix's hottest new show, the cast of the K-drama is all of a sudden thrust into the international limelight!

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One actress, in particular, has seen a massive increase in her follower count on Instagram – Jung Ho-Yeon is Netflix's newest It-girl!

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Jung Ho-Yeon has skyrocketed to international fame
Jung Ho-Yeon has skyrocketed to international fame. Picture: Getty

Jung Ho-Yeon is a South Korean fashion model who has recently branched out into the world of acting, with Squid Game being her first-ever role!

Ho-Yeon had already gained notability after competing in Korea's Next Top Model where she finished in second place.

Since her reality TV stint in 2013, she has walked for a deluge of high-end designers and become a model in hot pursuit!

Now, she's been thrust onto the international stage due to the crazy success of the Netflix thriller – and her Instagram following illustrates the overnight fame!

Jung Ho-Yeon
Jung Ho-Yeon. Picture: Getty

The Twittersphere has been whirring with the fascination of Ho-Yeon's skyrocket to notoriety, with many fans pointing out the proliferation of her follower count.

Despite Squid Game only being released on September 17th, the 27-year-old actress has amassed over a whopping 8.8 million followers at the time of writing.

Before the show premiered on the streaming platform the supermodel's following sat at just 400,000.

You can find Jung on Instagram at @hoooooyeony, where she's been posting behind the scenes snaps from the set of the dark show as well as some shots of her modelling work!

We're sure the star will hit 10 million in no time...

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