WATCH: Ruth Jones Hints At A Second Gavin & Stacey Reunion Episode

9 September 2020, 08:21

The Gavin & Stacey writer and actress hinted that we may see a second reunion episode within a decade's time.

The 2019 Christmas special of Gavin & Stacey went on to break records and score incredible viewing figures. Ruth Jones is seemingly hoping to relive that success with a second reunion episode.

While speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, the star who played Vanessa 'Nessa' Jenkins in the comedy series - which she also co-wrote - said "Who knows? It took us ten years to come back. It might take us another ten if we come back."

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Ruth Jones didn't technically confirm that she was working on another episode of Gavin & Stacey, but said that she wouldn't rule it out, as she mentioned she enjoyed writing with James Corden, who also co-wrote the critically acclaimed series.

Speaking of the Christmas special, Ruth said "It was a lovely experience. We kept it all so secret that we were writing this special because we wanted to enjoy the moment.

"We put it on [James Corden's] Twitter account saying 'We've got something to tell you', and a picture of the script. It just lifted people's spirits because it's a bit of silliness."

During the coronavirus pandemic, Ruth Jones has frequently been speaking to the host of The Late Late Show via video calls, but have not - as of yet - been writing any projects together.

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