All The Prosthetics Lily James Had For Pam & Tommy

9 February 2022, 12:19 | Updated: 16 February 2022, 16:57

Lily James spent hours in the makeup chair to be transformed into Pamela Anderson
Lily James spent hours in the makeup chair to be transformed into Pamela Anderson. Picture: Hulu / Getty
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Lily James had to undergo hours in hair and makeup to transform into Pamela Anderson for Pam & Tommy, including prosthetics on her forehead and a fake ‘boob job’.

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Lily James and Sebastian Stan fully transformed into Pam & Tommy for the new Hulu series about Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe rocker Tommy Lee’s relationship.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the show’s makeup department head David Williams, hair department head Barry Lee Moe and special makeup effects designer Jason Collins detailed the prosthetics and makeup tricks used to transform Lily into Pamela, including how they made it look like she’d had a boob job.

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Williams told the publication ‘it takes a village’ to pull off a transformation as dramatic as Lilly’s for the role, with them taking impressions of the actress’ head and torso to make her mirror the 90s icon and her body as closely as possible.

Here, we break down the clever makeup skills and prosthetics used to transform Lily into Pam…

Lily James talks about playing Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy

Lily James wore acrylic dentures and a prosthetic forehead
Lily James wore acrylic dentures and a prosthetic forehead. Picture: HULU

Pam's 90's makeup

The team used an overdrawn lip to recreate the makeup moment of the 90s, along with a signature smokey eye which was Pam’s trademark.

Lily James' 'boob job'

Lily had breast appliances to modify her body to look more like Pamela’s.

Jason Collins told the publication: “The appliances are made out of gel-filled silicone appliances, which move like real skin and absorb light similarly.”

A new breast prosthetic was required daily, Collins says; the team went through 45-50 breast prosthetics.

Lily and Sebastian as Pam & Tommy
Lily and Sebastian as Pam & Tommy. Picture: HULU

Re-creating Pamela's hair

Lily used three to four lace front wigs, which were shaded at the roots to achieve Pamela’s iconic blonde tresses.

She was also given a custom nape piece to make sure the hair looked as realistic as possible.

Forehead and eyebrows

To make Lily look as much like Pamela as possible, the makeup department used a forehead appliance to widen the distance between her eyebrows and her hairline, in an attempt to match Pam’s.

“We went through approximately 65 to 70 Pam foreheads throughout shooting,” Jason Collins said to the publication.

Lace eyebrows that closely matched Anderson’s were also applied, with Lily bleaching her eyebrows underneath so that they wouldn’t show through.


Lily wore acrylic dentures to give her Pam’s ‘perfect smile’,.

They also pushed her lips out slightly to match the actress’ unmissable side profile.

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