Perrie Edwards Turns To Fans With Hair Loss Fears After Pregnancy

20 January 2022, 13:45

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Perrie Edwards got candid on Instagram as she asked fans for advice about her post-pregnancy hair.

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Perrie Edwards opened up on her Instagram story as she turned to fans for advice!

The Little Mix star shared her hair loss fears with her whopping 14 million followers, showing an irregularity with her hairline to the camera.

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The mum-of-one revealed changes she had noticed with her hair since her pregnancy and asked fans if they had similar experiences with Instagram's 'Q&A' feature.

Perrie spoke openly in the video: "I just wanna know, what's with this hair? Now it could be growth from having the baby, but he's nearly five months now."

Perrie Edwards asked fans for advice
Perrie Edwards asked fans for advice. Picture: Alamy
Perrie Edwards gave birth to baby Axel in August 2021
Perrie Edwards gave birth to baby Axel in August 2021. Picture: Perrie Edwards/Instagram

The DISORA founder pointed to a new collection of baby hairs she had found framing her face and lightheartedly spoke about her concerns.

She said: "What is this? It's literally all through my hairline."

"So is this all gonna fall out, or is it gonna grow? I don't understand what it is," the Mixer continued.

Women can often find changes to their hair throughout pregnancy and some experience hair falling out after giving birth.

Perrie addressed the camera: "No guys, is this some sort of joke? I mean, I'm blessed that it hasn't all fallen out but what is that?"

She posted a question card over the candid clip that read: "Anyone? What is this hair? Will it fall out or nah?"

Perrie Edwards turned to fans with post-pregnancy questions
Perrie Edwards turned to fans with post-pregnancy questions. Picture: Perrie Edwards/Instagram
Perrie and Axel announced that they were expecting in May of last year
Perrie and Axel announced that they were expecting in May of last year. Picture: Perrie Edwards/Instagram

The 'Between Us' songstress was met with many supportive answers from fans who all rallied around Perrie's open attitude.

She even shared some of the responses she had received, revealing that postnatal hair loss is perfectly normal and many of her followers had experienced the exact same thing!

One fan submitted an answer to Perrie's story, saying: "I had a lot of hair fall out and now it's slowly growing back. I now have a fringe. She's 1."

Another follower concurred: "Baby hair! (Literally named that because women get it after having a baby) it will grow longer over time."

Perrie welcomed her first child with boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in August 2021, and has been giving fans an insight into her life as a mum ever since!

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