Niall Aslam ‘Watched Love Island In Psychiatric Hospital’ After Suffering From Stress-Induced Psychosis Inside The Villa

11 December 2020, 10:50

Niall Aslam was a Love Islander in 2018.
Niall Aslam was a Love Islander in 2018. Picture: Niall Aslam/Instagram/ITV

Niall Aslam has revealed he ‘watched Love Island in a psychiatric hospital’ after suffering from stress-induced psychosis and hallucination inside the villa in 2018.

Niall Aslam shocked Love Island fans when he left the show just days into the 2018 series.

At the time, the circumstances were kept a mystery, but that didn’t stop viewers from coming up with theories.

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Niall Aslam shocked Love Island fans when he left the villa days into the 2018 series.
Niall Aslam shocked Love Island fans when he left the villa days into the 2018 series. Picture: Niall Aslam/Instagram

The 25-year-old, who is diagnosed with Asperger’s, has now spoken out about what really happened and revealed how he ended up watching the remainder of the series from a psychiatric hospital.

He explained how he was prescribed heavy medication before appearing on the show which caused him to hallucinate inside the famous villa.

Speaking in a lengthy Instagram video, he said: “I came out and talked about my Asperger's and how I was diagnosed at 10-years-old, that was basically the reason I left Love Island. 

“But what actually happened to me, I ended up watching Love Island in a psychiatric hospital in London, the Nightingale Hospital to be exact.

“What I later found out is that I had stress-induced psychosis.

“Essentially what it is, you get so overwhelmed that you lose touch with reality.”

He added: “You kind of hallucinate you don't know what's going on, you're not fully aware of your surroundings, you're not safe, you need other people to look after you. 

“It takes quite a lot of time to come down from that, but when you come down from it you really come down, you go into a really deep depression. 

“I was at the hospital for two weeks but in my head I wasn't fully aware of what was going on, I thought it was because of my Asperger’s.

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“I was on so much medication getting loads of side-effects, that's why I didn't really do any interviews as I was getting really slurred speech from the medication. 

“Then I had to come off the medication, I was on Xanax, really really strong stuff. I just 'cold turkey-ed' it, that was horrible. 

“It was a really upside down time for me. I think it took quite a long time for me to recover fully from it because of the Love Island situation. 

“I was trying to get back to reality and my reality was different. I was really struggling... I was all over the place, I was depressed, I was avoiding things.”

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