This Theory About Why Niall Aslam Really Left Love Island Makes Total Sense

19 June 2018, 11:40 | Updated: 19 June 2018, 11:44

Love Island Theory

As Niall Aslam left the Love Island villa under pretty mysterious circumstances and 'stress' being the reasoning, fans have pieced together a plausible theory about what actually went down...

The nation was truly shook when Niall Aslam left the Love Island villa without warning, and were even sadder to learn it was due to 'stress' and his wellbeing that he was forced to exit the show only a week into it starting, and leave the other half of his couple- Georgia Steel behind.

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However, eagle eyed, or rather eagle eared viewers have started to piece together the odd one liners from islanders and are sensing that something else might have gone down that producers chose not to air that caused Niall's abrupt departure.

Georgia quickly re-coupled with the new guy (at the time) Josh Denzel and since then, the two have been getting continuously closer, and with islanders, such as Dani and Jack referring to Josh as untrustworthy and 'a bit sleazy' people think their was some proper muggy behaviour going down off-camera.


People are confused as to why the producers decided against showing the drama, as that's kind of the entire purpose of Love Island's existence, but whatever went down, it must have been pretty bad to make Niall walk out. 

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