Yungblud teases new music with photo of his butt

16 January 2020, 16:38

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

YUNGBLUD really said 🍑

Yungblud's second studio album is on its way and it's safe to say he's pretty excited about it. So excited, in fact, that he can't keep his trousers on. The '11 Minutes' singer teased some fresh new tracks while flashing his butt all at the same time.

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Yungblud, born Dominic Richard Harrison, stripped off on Twitter. In the image, the rockstar appears to be in the studio, wearing dark denim, a white tee and Dr. Martens. With his trousers round by his knees, Yungblud revealed his tattooed behind. As you do after a long day in the studio. He captioned the image: "Them: Dom how excited are you about this new music. Me:"

Yungblud is teasing new music
Yungblud is teasing new music. Picture: Joshua Sudock/Disney Parks via Getty Images, @yungblud via Instagram

Well, that's one way to get your fans hyped…

As Yungblud fans will know, he has previously confirmed that he will release his second album in 2020, a follow-up to 2018's 21st Century Liability. He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column the album would be a "nod to David Bowie".

That's not the only thing, though, Yungblud revealed he has some collaborations coming and one might be with none other than Post Malone. Speaking of working with a mystery artist in an interview with MusicFeeds in December 2019, Yungblud said: "There is a mental one coming at the start of [2020]. I can’t say who it is yet but he is such a visionary artist.

"So fucking sick, and he is a bridge between hip-hop and rock’n’roll. I’ll give you a clue: the first time that I heard about him and the first time that I saw that he was such a clear bridge between hip-hop and rock’n’roll was in an Australian press outlet. The Aussies liked him."

The interviewer then responds: "Oh my god, I’m so curious! Is it Post Malone?" And he replies: "I can’t say, but I’m glad you’re curious (laughs).

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i can’t sleep ... 🖤🖤🖤

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"You’ll have to wait 'til 2020."