How to find your Top 0.5% Artist in Spotify Wrapped 2021

2 December 2021, 12:37

Spotify introduces new Stories feature

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

What does Top 0.5% and Top 0.1% on Spotify Wrapped 2021 mean? Here's how to find yours.

It's Spotify Wrapped szn, which means it's time to brace yourselves for the influx of everyone bragging about their taste in music.

Last year, Spotify launched a feature that told users whether they were in the Top 1% of fans for their favourite artists. Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of that feature, it looks like they've gone one step further by introducing the Top 0.5% and the Top 0.1% of fans.


As part of the Spotify Wrapped 2021 slideshow, users will be told which artist's Top 0.5% (or maybe even Top 0.1%, if they're lucky) they've managed to make it into. To find your own Top Artists report, you'll need to access your Spotify Wrapped 2021.

Here's how to find out if you're in the Top 0.1% of your favourite artist – and what it actually means.

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Spotify Wrapped 2021: How to find your Top 0.5% Artist
Spotify Wrapped 2021: How to find your Top 0.5% Artist. Picture: Chesnot/Getty Images, Spotify

How to find your Top 0.5% Artist on Spotify Wrapped

The Top 0.5% feature is part of your personal Spotify Wrapped 2021 – you don't need to use another feature to find it.

To access your Spotify Wrapped 2021, click here. You need to be on your phone to look at your 2021 Wrapped slideshow.

Your percentage is revealed on the same slide of your Spotify Wrapped story as your Top Artist.

What does it mean to be in the Top 0.5% on Spotify?

It's unclear what exact criteria you need to get into the upper echelons of the Top 0.5% or Top 0.1% or even Top 0.005% but we imagine it's listening to that artist non-stop for the 10 months that helps Spotify calculates your ranking.

It's likely based on the total minutes you spent listening to your Top Artist.

For example, to make it into Taylor Swift's Top 0.005% of listeners, you will have had to have clocked around 30,000 minutes with her music. In contrast, to make it into the Top 2% of Taylor Swift's listeners, you will have only had to listen to her music for 1,500 minutes.

Find out more of your Spotify stats here: