How to use Spotify's new Song Psychic feature that predicts your future

1 March 2024, 11:20

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Ever wanted someone to read your future? Spotify Song Psychic answers all the questions you've ever wanted to know.

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Spotify users assemble! The streaming provider has launched a new feature called Song Psychic and it sees into your future.

Spotify is no stranger to releasing fun, sharable features that break the internet. At the end of every year, the platform rounds up your listening stats and breaks down exactly what your most played songs and artists are in Spotify Wrapped. In recent years, they've also added extra features that reveal everything from your Spotify Sound Town to your Movie Soundtrack.

Now, Spotify is upping the ante with a brand new feature called Song Psychic. What is though, and how do you access it?

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Spotify Song Psychic: How to use the feature that predicts your future
Spotify Song Psychic: How to use the feature that predicts your future. Picture: Spotify

Spotify Song Psychic answers any question you have with a song. The feature gives you nine different question categories: School, Friends and Family, Love, Life's Great Mysteries, My Future, Myself, Style and Lunch.

Once you choose a category, you can then select one of the prompts or start typing a question of your own and a similar question option should pop up.

From 'Does my crush like me back?' to 'Will I own my own home?', the feature answers anything you like with a song.

How to use Spotify Song Psychic?

  • Search Song Psychic in your Spotify app and click on it
  • Choose one of the nine categories
  • Start typing a question and submit one of the suggested questions
  • Press the screen to generate the answer
  • A song answering the question appears

You can then then share your answer directly to social media or keep it to yourself.

How accurate is Spotify Song Psychic?
How accurate is Spotify Song Psychic? Picture: Spotify

How accurate is Spotify Song Psychic?

Unfortunately, Spotify can't actually predict into the future so it's worth taking whatever answers you get with a pinch of salt. Before the app reveals your song answer, it does warn you: "Remember the spirits are unreliable: Don't take them seriously."

Essentially, it's not that deep, have fun with it!

What answers did Spotify Song Psychic give you?

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