Spotify launches new joint Premium subscription plan for couples

2 July 2020, 15:35

Spotify launches new Duo subscription for couples

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

You can now sign up for Spotify with a loved one to get personalised playlists and save money on your subscription.

Spotify have just launched a new subscription plan called Spotify Premium Duo which allows couples to sign up together.

Ever since Spotify debuted in 2008, the streaming service has attracted millions of subscribers all around the world. People can't get enough of the hit platform and how accessible it makes music. While Spotify offers a free streaming option, many users opt for the Premium service. It's ad-free and it lets you download music so that you can play it anywhere offline.

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Now Spotify is offering a new Premium service for couples so that they can save money when they sign up to the service.

How much does Spotify Premium Duo cost?

Spotify Premium Duo is a new subscription plan for couples
Spotify Premium Duo is a new subscription plan for couples. Picture: Spotify

Spotify Premium Duo is a new Spotify Subscription plan which allows two people to join Spotify at a cheaper cost than their original Premium plan. At £12.99 ($12.99) a month, Premium Duo is just £3 ($3) more than Premium which is £9.99 ($9.99) a month. It offers two people two individual Premium Accounts as well as personalised Duo Mix playlists based on both their tastes.

Spotify Premium Duo is being marketed towards couples right now. However, if you have a family member or a friend, who you would be comfortable setting up a subscription with, there's no rules to state that you can't sign up together. Spotify also offers a family plan for £14.99 ($14.99) which offers people up to six premium accounts for a fraction of the price.

To find out more and sign up to Spotify Premium Duo here.

Lowkey want to sign up with my BFF just to find out what our Duo Mix playlist is.

What do you think? Will you get Spotify Premium Duo?