Sia pays for strangers' groceries and tells them she just won the lottery

29 November 2019, 13:15

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Singer Sia was spotted paying for people's Thanksgiving shopping at a Walmart and TJ Maxx in Palm Springs, California this week.

On Wednesday (27 November), Sia surprised Thanksgiving shoppers in Palm Springs, California, by paying for their items in a local Walmart and TJ Maxx. Sia's random act of kindness was captured on camera and she can be seen interacting with shoppers, and handling payments for strangers.

People on social media later reported interacting with the mystery woman who turned out to be nine-time Grammy-nominated singer, Sia.

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KESQ reports that most customers didn't recognise Sia as she went from cash register to cash register paying for items. When asked who she was, Sia reportedly told customers that her name was "CiCi" and that she'd just won the lottery.

As photos and videos of Sia's undercover mission started to come out, people took to social media to recount their own experience with the singer this week.

"Went to tjmax today & this nice lady decided to pay for everyone’s stuff because she 'won the lottery'... facebook just told my mother it was Sia i didn’t recognize her... & i blame the fact that she hid under that wig for so long [sic]," one Twitter user wrote.

"I kept thanking her cause she was buying customers baskets full of items. And she did not once ask for any recognition," wrote another.

Sia was likely able to maintain her anonymity because she has performed and walked the red carpet in a wig that covered her face for many years. Despite having multiple platinum singles and a Grammy-nominated album, Sia's face is far less recognisable than many of her peers'.

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Speaking about her unique look In 2016, Sia told James Corden: "I don't wear this unless there are cameras around. I only wear this to try and maintain a modicum of privacy."