Wait...Are Post Malone And Bring Me The Horizon Working On Music Together?

26 January 2018, 12:24

Post Malone, Oli Sykes
Post Malone, Oli Sykes. Picture: Instagram
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Oli Sykes and Post Malone appear to have been hanging out in the studio and either new music is on the way or they are, um, just video game buddies...

BMTH fans went into meltdown on social media yesterday (January 25th) after frontman Oli Sykes posted a picture online from his recording studio waiting for rap superstar Post Malone.

Oli put the image on his Instagram and tagged the rapper who also sent a response saying that, yes, he was "good to go":

We good to go @postmalone

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Now, while that is clearly a studio pic, we suppose Oli could easily just be talking about playing GTA on his massive TV screen. Tbf, that does sound very fun. But either way, we had no idea the pair were friends and, with a new BMTH album due in 2018, there is every chance that this meeting was music-related.

Fans certainly seem to have a lot of feelings about the idea:

Time will tell.

What do you guys think? Wanna hear Post Malone on a new BMTH track? Or do you just wanna watch Post and Oli play GTA on a Twitch stream? Let us know your thoughts over in the Facebook comments.