Peach PRC paints a self-portrait and teases Paris Hilton collaboration | PopBuzz Meets

18 August 2023, 17:02

Peach PRC Paints A Self-Portrait And Answers Questions About Her Life | Portrait Mode

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Peach PRC & Paris Hilton working on a song together? We'd like to see it.

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Peach PRC is an icon. A legend. She is THEE moment.

After a number of singles like 'God Is A Freak' and 'Josh' went viral across social media, the internet has become obsessed with Peach PRC and her unique take on pop music.

Now, Peach has dropped a brilliant EP, Manic Dream Pixie, and to celebrate it's release she stopped by PopBuzz HQ to paint a self-portrait and answer questions about everything from her friendship with Paris Hilton, the song she recorded for the Barbie soundtrack, her experience auditioning for The X Factor when she was 13 years old and so much more.

Peach PRC - Perfect For You (Official Video)

Having interpolated Paris Hilton's 2006 hit 'Stars Are Blind' on her song 'Perfect For You', Peach was shocked when Paris duetted and posted the song on her TikTok. It seems like the pair have struck up a friendship from there.

The Australian pop star said of Paris: "She's been so so unbelievably sweet to me and just so supportive of everything that I've done, even outside of 'Perfect For You'.

"She really owes me nothing but she's gone out of her way to be so kind and sweet", Peach continued. "I'm like, that's not even real life. As if Paris Hilton even knows who I am at all, let alone likes my song and my other songs, and she's been supportive of everything since.

"She really inspires me, and has been so kind, so I'm very grateful for that."

Which all begs the question, can we expect a proper Peach PRC and Paris Hilton collaboration any time soon?

Peach teased the possibility that that dream might become a reality: "She reached out before about writing together, so I think she's really wanting to get back into pop, which I have been begging her to and now I think she is, so I cant wait. Hopefully we get to collab."

Watch Peach PRC's full interview by clicking play on the video at the top of this page. Manic Dream Pixie is available to stream on all platforms.