Machine Gun Kelly renames album after getting tattoo of the original title

1 February 2022, 16:02

Machine Gun Kelly tells Travis Barker he’s changing the album name after getting tattoo

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker got matching Born With Horns tattoos back in 2021.

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Machine Gun Kelly has just changed the name of his new album after getting a tattoo of the original name with Travis Barker.

Last year, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that he and Travis Barker had both got matching tattoos in honour of his upcoming sixth studio album. Taking to Instagram, MGK posted a video of him and Travis showing off the words "born with horns" tattooed on their left forearms. MGK captioned the video: "“born with horns” the album. we’re back for round two."

However, MGK has now renamed the album and he captured the moment he let Travis know in a hilarious new video.

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Machine Gun Kelly renames album after getting tattoo of the original title
Machine Gun Kelly renames album after getting tattoo of the original title. Picture: Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp, @machinegunkelly via Instagram

Yesterday (Jan 31), MGK shared a video on his Instagram with the caption: "my bad @travisbarker". In the clip, MGK says to Travis: "Okay, we're friends no matter what, right?" Travis nods and replies: "Of course". MGK then adds: "Remember when we got the new album name tattooed on our arms?" and the video cuts to the 2021 video of their matching tattoos.

Sensing what MGK is about to reveal, Travis laughs and says: "You changed the..." Laughing with him, MGK then confirms: "I'm changing the album name." Composing himself, Travis asks: "Okay, what's the new album name?" The screen then cuts to black and the title, Mainstream Sellout, appears on the screen. R.I.P. Born with Horns.

As it stands, it's currently unclear when Mainstream Sellout will be released but, just like his previous project, Tickets to My Downfall, it looks like Travis will produce all of the songs.

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