Machine Gun Kelly says Emo Girl is inspired by Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

1 March 2022, 17:21

Machine Gun Kelly reveals Emo Girl is based on Jennifer's Body

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Petition for MGK to write the soundtrack for the Jennifer's Body sequel...

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Machine Gun Kelly has revealed that his song 'Emo Girl' was actually inspired by Jennifer's Body.

In February, Machine Gun Kelly released his pop punk hit 'Emo Girl' in collaboration with WILLOW. The song will feature on the singer's upcoming album, Mainstream Sellout, and is currently sitting at No. 77 on the US Billboard 100 chart.

'Emo Girl' is currently having a moment on TikTok and is giving all the pop punk lovers major nostalgia, but Machine Gun Kelly has revealed the surprising inspiration behind the song: Jennifer's Body.

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Machine Gun Kelly says his song Emo Girl is based on Jennifer's Body
Machine Gun Kelly says his song Emo Girl is based on Jennifer's Body. Picture: P. Lehman/Future Publishing via Getty Images, AA Film Archive via Alamy

The cult 2009 movie is all about high school cheerleader Jennifer, who becomes possessed after she is sacrificed to Satan (very emo). Jennifer is of course played by Megan Fox, who happens to be Machine Gun Kelly's fiancée.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday (Feb 24), Machine Gun Kelly said: "People don't know, I wrote my verse about Jennifer Check from Jennifer's Body. So that is just a little over the head thing that people didn't pick up on. So if you listen to the verse again, it correlates with the movie."

In case you're wondering, Machine Gun Kelly's verse is: "She's got makeup by the mirror in her bedroom / Thigh-high fishnets and some black boots / Nose pierced with the cigarette perfume Half-dead, but she still looks so cute (Yeah) / She is a monster in disguise / And she knows all the words to the trap songs."

He then sings: "Takes pics with a cherry-red lipstick / Says she only dates guys with a big (Mmm)."

Ok, this makes so much sense?

Elsewhere, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that his upcoming wedding to Megan is on hold because they're unable to find a wedding venue that will see his "gothic" vision.

When asked if they had set a wedding date yet, he replied: "When they can build me, like, a red river with gothic… The location is hard, trying to find a spot that's matching my artistic [vision]."

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