Lizzo's DNA test quiz will tell you if you're 100% THAT bitch

29 August 2019, 12:13

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

I just took Lizzo's Spotify DNA test quiz, turns out I'm only 56% that bitch.

Have you ever wanted to know if you are actually 100% That Bitch™? Well, here's your chance. Lizzo has teamed up with Spotify to create the 'Lizzo's DNA Test' quiz and it'll tell you exactly where your percentage falls in the That Bitch™ rankings.

Based on the lyrics to her chart topping track 'Truth Hurts', Lizzo's DNA Test will guide you through a series of questions about your love life, your self-love life, your dumping techniques, your preferred childhood music instrument and of course, your thoughts on who the baddest bitch in the game is right now.

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To take the quiz, you need to head right here and give permission for Spotify to do the damn thing. Then, you need to upload the baddest selfie you have in your camera roll and answer the questions as truthfully as you can. (It also gives you an option to take a selfie then and there which reserved for those amongst who really are 100% THAT bitch.)

Lizzo's DNA test quiz will tell you if you're 100% THAT bitch
Lizzo's DNA test quiz will tell you if you're 100% THAT bitch. Picture: Atlantic, @kiernanshipka via Instagram

The quiz consists of 10 questions including "Your parents make you learn an instrument as a child, what do you pick?" (Flute, obviously...), "How did you break up with your last ex?" and "Who's the Baddest Bitch?" Beyoncé, Rihanna and Trina are all options on that last question but don't let them tempt you. It's YOU. You are the baddest bitch.

But if you thought you could pass the test with full marks, think again. The honour of being 100% THAT bitch does not come easily. Me? I'm 56% that bitch - and I'm coping as well as I can with that result. I mean, it could be worse... Ask Kiernan Shipka.

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And in case you were wondering, the baddest bitch herself didn't even get 100%. And if Lizzo isn't getting full marks then maybe the quiz is broken? I suddenly don't feel so bad about my 56% now.