Jonas Brothers confirm live tour plans with 'special guests'

1 March 2019, 13:00

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas sat down with PopBuzz to discuss their big comeback and hint at a possible live reunion with Demi Lovato.

Guys, we've been sitting on a secret. We've known the Jonas Brothers were reuniting for weeks. We were threatened by Kevin with lawsuits if we told anybody (JK JK, it was Nick).

But the good news is that they are back, there's a new single 'Sucker' and the boys are planning a tour. It's truly a miracle.

the Jonas Brothers
the Jonas Brothers. Picture: PopBuzz

We sat down with Nick, Joe and Kevin to discuss their comeback, the mystery surrounding their Instagram 'reactivation' last year, the insane amount of tweets asking for a reunion that they've been getting for literally 6 years, and if they will ever do a Camp Rock 3 reunion (spoiler: it's a no but they are totally down with a performance with Demi Lovato).

Read the edited highlights from our chat below, or watch the full interview above or on our YouTube channel.

Jonas Brothers - Sucker

PopBuzz: So why did you decide to come back now?

Nick: "I think it actually started with us filming a documentary. We started filming the doc about a year or a year and a half ago, and it was really just to tell our story.

We started to spend a lot more time together, in a working sense, and realising we were missing that magic, and that fun we had together back in the day and thinking that this could be a really exciting moment to get back to do this.

At different moments we all said ‘alright we’re ready’, it took some time to figure that out. But the minute we got back in and started writing again and just the idea of being in front of our fans after all these years, we can’t put into words. We’re so…to be honest, really humbled and just thankful that people stuck around with us."

PB: Last year, everybody freaked out when the official Jonas Brothers Instagram account was mysteriously ‘reactivated' but nothing was ever posted. What happened? Which one of you is responsible?

Joe: "It was just sitting there! I think a fan noticed that it was just around and then they said ‘I think it’s back!’"

[Nick went on to explain that the person responsible for the rumour was none other than Ashley Iaconetti from The Bachelor, who is a self-confessed die hard Jo Bros fan.]

PB: With so much time away, what did you miss the most about being in the band together?

Joe: "I think it’s those trips where you’re on the other side of the world and you wish you were experiencing it with your bros, I guess."

PB: And what didn't you miss?

Nick: "Kevin leaves things. He’s stayed at my house a bunch and he leaves bottles, cans and food just around. I wonder what he’s wife thinks? Does he do this at home?"

Kevin: "Yeah. It’s our biggest quarrel. I’m working on it."

PB: We have to ask about the possibility of a Camp Rock 3. Will it ever happen?

Nick: "The answer is absolutely not. From me...I don’t know about you guys. Camp Rock was a great chapter in our lives..."

Joe: "I wouldn’t be opposed to doing an SNL skit about Camp Rock but I also think it would be funny if we waited like 30 something years from now, when we’re really old."

PB: What about bringing Demi Lovato out on a tour date for a song?

Nick: "We could."

Joe: "I mean, we have a lot of ideas of getting people up on stage so that would be cool."

Jonas Brothers new single 'Sucker' is out now.