Hey Violet's Second Album: Title, Tracklist, Release Date And Everything We Know So Far

29 January 2018, 13:40

Hey Violet
Hey Violet. Picture: Bryan Bedder / Stringer
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

HV2 is coming soon and we've got all the details direct from the studio on what to expect from the follow-up to 'From The Outside'.

Hey Violet, the LA-based pop four-piece who put out arguably the best debut album of 2017 with From The Outside, are set to return with further new music at some point in 2018. Nia, Iain, Ria and Casey have already begun posting some updates from the studio:

So, what do we know so far about the group's first release since the departure of guitarist Miranda Miller last year? Here's all the info we have managed to round up so far:

What is the title of Hey Violet's new album?

No word on this one yet, but the fans have dubbed the project HV2 for the time being which seems like as good a placeholder as any.

What is the release date of Hey Violet's new album?

Studio sessions are clearly still ongoing so we would say you should probably expect this one to arrive towards the latter end of 2018, in time for some extensive touring next year.

Will there be any collaborations on Hey Violet's new album?

Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low posted some sneaky shots with the band in the studio to his Instagram story:

Alex has previously co-written songs with the likes of ONEOKROCK and McBusted so another pop collab would certainly make a lot of sense. Hopefully whatever they have been cooking up together makes the final tracklisting for HV2.

What will Hey Violet's next album sound like?

This is the tricky question. Their excellent debut flipped from synth pop to pop punk with even some brief spurts of electronica. We would expect a similar mix on the new record although don't rule out the idea of some ambitious new sounds being thrown in the mix too. We suggest keeping your ears glued to the band members' various Instagram stories for updates and hints.

What is the artwork for Hey Violet's second album?

No definite details have been released BUT followers of the band's official Instagram will have noticed a lot of arty new images have been posted recently that could offer a few clues as to the aesthetic of the new era:

keepin it all pretty cool❄️

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u will find us on a planet near u

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manz will be manz

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We will keep updating this page throughout the year as more info comes in. Keep your eyes peeled.

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