Marina And The Diamonds Reveals She's Been Wearing Wig To Hide Hair Loss

26 September 2012, 16:08 | Updated: 9 May 2018, 14:26

The 'Teen Idle' star says she lost her hair after a visit to the hairdressers in Los Angeles.

Marina And The Diamonds singer Marina Diamandis has revealed that she has been wearing a wig in recent months after losing some of her hair.

The 'Primadonna' singer said she had suffered problems with her hair after going to a hairdressers in Los Angeles nine months ago.

"It literally fell out," she told The Sun. "I went to this hairdresser in LA before a shoot, and she just f***** it up.

"She was blowdrying my hair and said: 'You've got a bit of breakage at the back.' I looked around and a lot had just snapped off at two inches. A week later I had it all cut really short."

Marina then revealed what lengths she had to take in order to hide the hair loss when she was on camera.

"I bought a wig and painted the roots black and wore a ribbon over it, so it looked natural. And the ribbon became part of my look," she said. "I wore the wig for nine months. Nobody knew."

Fortunately, the star added that her hair had grown back and was now long enough to mean she no longer has to wear a wig.