The Internet Is LOSING It Over A Video Of Celebrities Saying Dua Lipa’s Name Wrong

6 September 2018, 11:57

By Sam Prance

It's time to actually learn how you say Dua Lipa...

It's no secret that Dua Lipa is one of the biggest popstars in the entire world. Ever since 'New Rules' soared to the top of the charts in the UK last year, her career has gone from strength to strength. Not only has she scored huge international hits but she has also won two major BRIT awards. To top it all off, she has just released a collaboration with Silk City (Mark Ronson and Diplo) that looks set to be a smash.

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However, in spite of all of Dua's success, people are still struggling to pronounce her name. Longterm fans of Dua will know that you say it 'doo-ah leep-ah'. Dua was born in London back in 1995 but her parents are from Kosovo and her name means 'love' in Albanian. Gorgeous, right? Nevertheless, because its not a common name here, everyone from Cardi B to Lana Condor keeps getting it wrong.

Dua Lipa
Picture: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images // Instagram

For the most part, the UK finally knows how to pronounce Dua's name now because she's been famous for a while here, but the US is still having issues. It all went viral earlier this year when Wendy Williams called Dua 'Doo-La Peep' in a segment on her talk show. Wendy is not alone though. Since then, Cardi B has gotten it wrong on her Instagram Story (Dua Loo-Pa) and that's not all.

Lana Condor (the star behind Lara Jean) recently mispronounced it. The beloved actress was doing a quiz as part of promo for To All the Boys I've Loved Before and mentioned Dua's name. In her defence, Dua's name was spelt wrong in the quiz (Dua Lupa). And last but not least, Jennie from BLACKPINK just avoided saying Dua's surname at all while praising her.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has noticed all of the mistakes and now @celebjunkets has edited them together.

Watch people mispronouncing Dua Lipa's name here:


Dua has taken all of the errors in her stride. She even poked fun at the Wendy Williams mistake back in May by tweeting 'Is this a new Kanye song?'.

See Dua's response here:


For the record though it's 'doo-ah leep-ah' and she's going nowhere so it's about time you learn it.